Holiday Gift Ideas


Raneem Motalib and Lia Araneta , Journalist

There is always a certain pressure with holidays coming. Trying to find a good gift for your family can be stressful. With the holidays coming up sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect gift suitable for your friends and family. If great gift ideas are what you need don’t worry we’ll be your lead. You can get these gifts for fifty dollars or less!

Need some gift ideas for mom? Here are some useful gifts that are sure to make her happy. Is she working all day or cleaning all day? If so, get her an electric massager. There are many kinds of massagers. Based on your Mom’s needs, one might be more preferable than the other. A rechargeable electric handheld massager that can massage many parts of your body. It is 39.99. Another gift for mom is a nice fluffy pair of slippers. Walking around on the floor can be hard on your feet. A nice pair of slippers can do wonders for your mom. You can get some on Amazon for only $18.99! It also comes in different colors so you can get your mom the perfect pair of slippers in her favorite color.


Buying gifts for your dad can be hard. But luckily we have a few different ideas that you for sure could use. If he likes coffee you can get him a new coffee mug. This coffee mug on Amazon has a cute nutrition label saying quotes like strength (99%). It is $15.99. If your dad has a favorite sports team, then buying fan gear might be your way to go.

 From shirts, memorabilia, jerseys, mugs, and posters, you are bound to find something fit to your dad’s liking. If you don’t want to spend that much money then you can get a joke book. (picture is shown on the right) The joke book is $ 6.99.


If you’re not looking to buy gifts, here are some great DIY’s (Do It Yourself). The first DIY is an adorable stuffed sock. It may not sound nice, but once you decorate the sock so it will look really nice.

For this DIY you will need 2 white socks, some rice or beans, a pom pom, a straw, a piece of fluffy fabric, scissors, and a hot glue gun. Start by taking one white sock and filling it with your rice or beans. Then, cut the straw to a height where it can support a sock on the top. Put the straw inside the sock. Next glue the sock around the straw.

Then glue the second sock on top, it is best if the sock is colorful. Take the pom-pom and glue it where the two socks meet.

Then take the fabric and cut it into a beard shape. Use the hot glue gun and glue the beard under the pom-pom. Now you’re finished! It should look or resemble a wizard or Santa.


Not only is this a nice thing to put on a desk but it is also a great stress reliever! It feels amazing to squish. It can also last for a long time.


Purchasing gifts for your siblings can be hard. Sometimes it’s hard to understand what they want without spoiling the gift surprise. Not to worry here are some splendid ideas. For both a brother or sister you can get them clothes. A sweatshirt or hoodie will make them appreciate no matter what. Some shorts or a hat, again for a girl or a boy. If that’s not really what they want, don’t fear. We’re still here with ideas. Maybe your sister has a favorite perfume that they like. You can get them that. If not you can get them a candle. Maybe a special season edition candle that smells like firewood or a candle that smells like freshly baked cookies. No matter which candle you pick, it will sure to make her happy.

Buying gifts for your brother can be hard sometimes. If you’re stuck, here are some ideas that you will definitely like.  A poster for their room could add decoration. It could be a poster of their hobbies or something they like. Another idea could be sports gear if they play one. It could be a basketball, soccer ball, or just things needed to practice.