Russell Westbrook Trade Rumors


Eugene Leung, Journalist

Former MVP (most valuable player), Russell Westbrook, who has also been an NBA (National Basketball Association) all-star player for nine seasons is best known for being such an aggressive point guard. He played for the Oklahoma Thunder for eleven seasons and currently plays for the Houston Rockets. Recently, however, Westbrook might get traded to a different basketball team.

The first of the NBA teams Russell Westbrook is most likely getting transferred to is the Los Angeles Clippers. The Los Angeles Clippers just received two NBA all-star players, Kawi Leonard and Paul George, but still couldn’t get to the finals. Their point guards don’t exactly have the best speed and strength. However, with Russell Westbrook, they can receive a huge improvement. Head coach Tyronn Lue recently just got hired because former head coach for the Los Angeles Clippers, Doc Rivers got fired for losing too many games. With these three all-star players all on one team, it is most definitely that they will do better. 

Another team Westbrook might get traded to is the New York Knicks. The New York Knicks just recently lost their best player, Kristaps Porzingis, which made them finish twelfth out of the sixteen NBA teams in the Eastern Conference. The only problem with this trade is the cap space. Cap space is a limit where each team can only go over that amount of money to sign contracts with players, coaches, and others. According to Adrian Wojnarowski, Russel Westbrook has had the most expensive contracts. Russel Westbrook can benefit this young squad because this team doesn’t have too much experience playing against more talented teams. 

Next on the lineup is the Orlando Magic. According to CBS Sports, “The issue they’ll encounter here is that most of their salary is too good to be traded as mere ballast. Yes, the Rockets would probably love Nikola Vucevic, Aaron Gordon, or Evan Fournier, but the Magic would presumably want to keep those players alongside Westbrook. A more realistic package would feature the trio of Terrence Ross, Al-Farouq Aminu, and Markelle Fultz, which squeaks past the eighty percent threshold at around $35 million combined.” The probability of this trade is quite low, but it could happen. If the Houston Rockets traded Russel Westbrook, the Rockets will probably not be the 5th seed anymore and might not even be able to qualify for the playoffs. The Orlando Magic’s main benefit with this trade is because Jonothan Issac,  a really aggressive forward, could do very well with Russel Westbrook as two aggressive duos.

The fourth team Westbrook might get traded to is the Washington Wizards. Swapping Westbrook for John Wall would help retain Bradley Beal to stay with the Wizards. With this trade, it would help this team more in three-point shooting and offense. The Washington Wizards are also mainly trying to find John Wall a different contract since he hasn’t even been helping the team get better and his contract cost $171,131,520 for four years! That is an extreme amount of money. If the Houston Rockets are trying to rebuild their team, the Washington Wizards are probably on their list.

The final team is the San Antonio Spurs. Most people think that this team is trying to rebuild since DeMar Derozan, their small forward isn’t the best shooter while LaMarcus Aldridge is getting older but is still really talented. Gregg Popovich, their head coach, hasn’t had the best couple of seasons ever since Kawi Leonard left. With Russel Westbrook, it could give him a better chance of getting to the playoffs. The only problem is that DeMar Derozan isn’t really good at shooting. The Houston Rockets might not want this trade. 

This trade rumor has everyone jumping on the tip of their toes. Just one trade in the NBA could affect a team by a lot. To which team do you think Russel Westbrook is going to go?


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