The History Behind Oreos


Anvita Koneru, Journalist

Did you know that enough Oreos have been made to wrap around the Earth 381 times? And Oreos take 59 minutes to make, each. Oreos are a cookie anyone can recognize, with the crunchy biscuit on the top and bottom, with sugary sweet creme in between. But what’s the history behind these junk food delights?

Originally, Oreos were inspired off of a cookie called Hydrox. These cookies, which looked almost identical to Oreos, were developed by the Sunshine Biscuits company in 1908. Even though Oreos were basically a copy of Hydrox, they quickly became much more popular. Oreo cookies were first introduced in 1912, a very long time ago. Ever since then, they have been a huge hit.

When the cookies first came out, their official title was “Oreo Biscuits”. But the Nabisco team was very indecisive about this…in 1921 they changed it to “Oreos Sandwich”, and in 1937 they became “Oreo Creme Sandwich”. However, they finally decided on one name; “Oreo Chocolate Sandwich Cookie.” No matter how many names there were, and how long the name is now, the cookies are always referred to as simply “Oreos”.

Even though the classic Oreos will always stay the same, new flavors and limited versions are coming out all the time. For example, there’s the “Halloween Oreos” and “Birthday Cake Oreos” and even jelly donut flavored ones! Nabisco has come out with all kinds of flavors, while still preserving the original.

Even though the filling is different depending on which flavor of cookie you get, the outside crunchy cookie is almost always the same. Oreos are a classic, and they always will be. THE END