Murder Hornets


Hayla Hashem, Journalist

What are Murder Hornets?


The ‘murder hornet’ is actually an “Asian giant hornet” That appendage can pack a serious punch, poking through beekeeping protective wear and reportedly feeling like hot metal driving into your skin, according to the New York Times. These stings give the Asian Giant Hornet its notorious reputation and brutal nickname.


When and where were Murder Hornets found?


The first confirmed sighting. This murder hornet madness first began in December 2019. Washington state officials verified two reports of the dangerous insect near Blaine, just south of the border with Canada. The first such sighting in the U.S.


Can Murder Hornets kill?

But these ferocious and ravenous carnivores don’t just decapitate 40 honey bees per minute. These Murder hornets, (which can grow up to two inches in length), can kill humans by stinging them multiple times with their quarter-inch stingers. For those with an allergy to bee stings, they can prove to be fatal.

How can I tell what a Murder Hornet is compared to a wasp?


Unless you’re a wasp expert, you probably can’t confirm any wasp identifications from this paper alone. But if you’ve found a wasp that you suspect might be a “murder hornet,” the new guide is a good place to start. Next, look for instructions from universities and local government offices on how to report invasive species.