Influencers You Shouldn’t Stan

Influencers You Shouldn’t Stan

Amelia Carr-Tijerina and Stella Shih

Have you ever gone online or scrolled through social media and seen creators with hate comments on their pages? These comments come from something known as, cancel culture. Many people think cancel culture is a good thing and is what the influencer deserves, but others think differently.

There are many reasons why people on social media get canceled one of the most popular and common reasons is partying during COVID. Influencers such as Bryce Hall, Claudia Conway, and Hype House members are under fire for partying during a national pandemic. Influencer Bryce Hall and The Sway Boys, were partying so much during, coronavirus that they got all of their electricity and water turned off. This was after throwing a huge party for his 21st birthday party, many of the guests not wearing masks and following covid safety protocols. Claudia Conway was cancelled because on her 16th birthday she hosted a huge party and no one was spotted wearing masks.  

Another terrifying reason for cancel culture to occur is pedophilia. Some influencers that have been found guilty of pedophilia include Zoe Laverne, Tony  Lopez, and Shane Dawson. Famous TikToker, Zoe Laverne came under fire when a video leaked of her and a 13 year old boy laying in a bed kissing. She later spoke on the accusations and admitted having feelings for the 13 year old boy, while at the age of 19 years old making the relationship illegal. Another famous TikToker, Tony Lopez, got a large amount of hate because photos surfaced of him grooming underage children. Lastly, famous YouTuber Shane Dawson got canceled due to his old videos resurfaced in which he was objectifying a young girl. 


Some celebrities have called out influencers for their inappropriate behavior during covid-19. Ariana Grande may have called out some tik tok influencers for celebrating Halloween and going out to restaurants and parties during this pandemic. She sang these lyrics, “Did we all really need to go to… Saddle Ranch so badly that like we couldn’t have waited for the deathly pandemic to pass? Like we are really needed to put on our cowgirl boots and ride a mechanical bull that badly? We all needed that Instagram post that badly?” She may have been calling out many tik tok influencers and influencers such as Addison Rae and Bryce Hall going to Saddle Ranch (a public restaurant) to celebrate Halloween. 


There are other ways in which a celebrity or influencer can get cancelled without doing something very wrong. For example, Jason Derulo was cancelled due to him using the K-pop group BTS for clout and not crediting them for his success on number one on the billboards. Though many people can have different opinions on this, everybody makes mistakes, so this doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t stan him. However, in the past, Jason has been accused of copying many people’s beats for his songs.


In conclusion, the purpose of this article was to inform you on some influencers, celebrities, or artists who have made mistakes or inappropriate actions.  Although a lot of influencers and celebrities get canceled, the majority of celebrities are good, but you should still be safe and aware of who you support.


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