Christmas During the Pandemic


Vivian Shi, Journalist

Although Christmas is still more than a month away, it feels like it already is Christmas time.  However, this year’s Christmas may be very different from the others. Ever since March 2020, the coronavirus has made great changes to our lives. We are asked to keep 6 feet away from others and face masks are now something we wear daily. Nobody thought that the pandemic would last so long, but it’s still going, so it’s no surprise that it will be affecting our holidays.

Holidays are the time where we get to spend time with friends and family. It’s the time we are able to travel around the world, go to parties, restaurants, and have lots of fun. This year, unfortunately, we won’t be able to do all this. Not much partying, just family dinners and maybe a few friends. Here are some things to think about before going to a party or to a restaurant. 1. It is much safer to meet up with less people. 2. Know where the attendees have been and the location they are from. Also know their behavior prior to the party. Have they been out often? Have they been meeting many people? Have they been following the requirements such as wearing masks and social distancing? Have they been exposed to people with symptoms and do they have symptoms? 3. The location and duration can be very important. It is safer to meet up outdoors. The air is better and it is less crowded. The longer the party is, the higher the risk is of getting covid.

There are many things you can just do at home. One thing to do is cooking and baking. Decorating cookies is lots of fun and you can decorate them however you like. We can replace going to an actual party with a virtual 

party. Another thing to do is to decorate the house. There’s lots of time, so we might as well make our home fun and warm and decorative. We can also watch Christmas movies and build puzzles. Most importantly, we should spend more time with our loved ones, close friends and families.

The coronavirus is tough on everyone, especially during the holidays. During this time, we should be meeting up with friends and family and having lots of fun. Christmas is all about giving gifts, and we can continue doing that. We can still drop off gifts at our friends and neighbors houses. We can also make virtual cards to send to friends and family. This year may be very challenging, but we should still continue to social distance and wear our masks in public. Make sure to stay safe, we can get through this together.×919-ChristmasBiscuits-4b182d64-423a-489c-8e81-b8713ebe0d47-0-1400×919.jpg×919-ChristmasBiscuits-4b182d64-423a-489c-8e81-b8713ebe0d47-0-1400×919.jpg