Polls for Election

Keira Lackey, Author/editor

As we all should know by now, election day for our president is coming up. The two parties, as per usual, are democrats vrs republicans. Oh, this is exciting all ready! Now, let’s talk about the polls. As of October 28th, 2020 the polls are interesting. Trump has mostly won over all white men with college degrees, 68 as he did against Hillory. But, what’s interesting is that female voters vote Biden. I think that because Trump is so rude to women and racist, Joe will always win them over no matter what. Trump, however, wins most white men because they think they will keep their money. The polls are favoring Joe in the already voted and pre election votes but Trump’s fellow republicans will come out to vote on actual Election Day. Who do YOU want to win? Trump or Joe? The polls estimate who will win, but they can never be so sure. This information was found on CNN, America’s number one trusted new station, but even they can’t be so sure. Make sure to watch out for the winner on Tuesday, November third! Thanks for tuning in.