Donald Trump got Covid due to Being Reckless

Keira Lackey, Author/editor

Everyone knows about the president’s hatred of masks. Every Time he’s on the news or just walking around, he doesn’t wear a mask. Now, mask’s are said to be important, but he didn’t think so. He disagrees with scientists and doctors and all the people who actually know what they are doing. But, because of that, on October 1st, 2020, Donald J Trump got corona virus along with the first lady. Now, you’re probably thinking, “So? So many people have gotten covid, what’s the big deal??” Well, I’m getting to that. Trump is a president as well as a role model to all republicans, as well as democrats and other groups. But, before, he may have gotten his party to believe masks were useless, too. Because of that, it’s likely they have gotten sick along with him. As his rank as a member of the executive branch, he is higher than most and gets top care. He survived this incident and now, I’m sure we are all hoping that it doesn’t happen again and that he stops being stubborn and gives into using masks.

Trump with his mask *finally*