Alex Smith Makes an Improbable Comeback to Football

One of the most amazing stories in NFL history


Tyce Copus, Journalist


On November 18th, 2018 facing the Houston Texans, 2 Texans came charging in and sacked Alex. His leg crumpled and twisted awkwardly as he fell to the floor. When people saw the replay of it, they immediately thought that Smith’s career was done. Alex had a brutal leg injury that fractured his Fibula and Tibia. That was not the worst that Alex faced. They would find out that Alex had also got a life-threatening infection that not only could have taken his leg but also could have taken his life. 17 surgeries and over two years later, the former No. 1 pick was back on the field. 

The 36-year-old completed his first pass in 693 days. It was a short pass to Washington’s running back, JD Mckissic. There should have been confetti, music, and a roaring stadium, but there were only around 1000 fans in attendance. There were many people at home cheering him on but they could not be heard. Smith had got his chance when Dwayne Haskins got benched and the backup quarterback Kyle Allen got hurt. Smith also deserves credit because he is playing on a terrible team with a horrible offensive line. Not to mention, he is playing on a leg that is rebuilt out of metal. Just a few years ago, his life was in danger because of this game but he still wanted to play it.

There is no question that Alex deserves comeback player of the year no matter how many games he plays this year. This was one of the greatest comebacks ever and was so improbable that only Alex could have done it. Alex is a very likable guy and for the rest of his career, everyone including me will root him on. He showed how much love he had for the game by coming back. He should be the picture of being resilient in the NFL. Alex never needed to come back to be a good player, but he still did even knowing he would be a second or third-stringer. Alex’s story is just such a feel-good story.

If you want to learn more you should watch ESPN 60’s “Project 11” which goes more into the backstory of the injury and what he went through for rehab. I don’t know if Alex will ever play again because the Washington Football Team doesn’t seem to really want to start him. I hope that before he retires, he will at least get to start one game. He has worked so hard to get back to this point and all of that should not be wasted. He is an amazing player who will go under the radar. This is something that will be unforgettable for anyone who saw the injury. Although Alex will most likely never make the hall of fame, he should never be forgotten. Best of luck to whatever is up next for Alex.

Interesting Fact:

Exactly 33 years before Alex Smith got hurt, a Quarterback by the name of Joe Theisman got the same injury as Alex. There are so many similarities like they were both playing for the Washington football team, they were both the quarterback and they were both playing on the same field. Joe was even in the stands when the injury happened. These were almost the exact same injury but Joe’s was career-ending well Alex after 17 surgeries and a life-threatening infection still ended up playing.