NBA Finals In The Orlando Bubble

Edward Choi, Journalist

Sports this year are an interesting sight to see. With the Covid-19 pandemic going on throughout the world, a lot of sports leagues were postponed. The NBA reopened on July 30th in the Orlando Bubble. 22 teams played in the bubble and each team played eight games to decide how they are ranked in the playoffs. They didn’t have fans watching the games, which was sad. The Milwaukee Bucks were first in the Eastern Conference and the LA Lakers were first in the Western Conference. This was an interesting change to the basketball we know and love but the NBA made it work and got to the NBA Finals.

This year the NBA Finals was held in The Orlando Bubble.The two teams facing off were the Miami Heat and the LA Lakers, the LA Lakers being favored to win. The Miami Heat making the Finals was a surprise to some of the fans. The Heat were the 5th seed in the East, and the Lakers were the first seed in the West. The Heat had a young team and had some veterans like Goran Dragic to show them the way. The Lakers have two superstars, Anthony Davis and Lebron James to lead the team. 

Jimmy Butler, the main superstar of the Heat had a great game. In game 3 of the NBA Finals he had an amazing performance of 40 points, 11 rebounds, and 13 assists. In NBA Finals history only two other players: Lebron James, and Jerry West, have had a 40 point triple-double. In the Finals they went 2-4 (Win-Loss) in a best of 7 series. They lost, but put up a good fight against the first seeded Lakers. 

The LA Lakers were first seeded in the Western Conference and definitely favored to win against the Heat. It was expected that they would play the Clippers in the Western Conference Finals, but the Denver Nuggets unexpectedly came out on top against the Clippers in the Western Conference Semifinals. The Lakers beat the Nuggets 4-1 (Win-Loss) in the Western Conference Finals, taking them to the NBA Finals. This season Lebron James averaged 25.3 points, 7.8 rebounds, and 10.2 assists, and Anthony Davis averaged 26.1 points, 9.3 rebounds, and 3.2 assists.The Lakers won the Finals 4-2 (Win-Loss) and they won their 17th Championship in Franchise History.

This NBA Finals was strange to say the least. It was held in the bubble, and there were no fans. This was Lebron James’ 4th Championship. They made some hard changes, like being away from their families for most of the NBA Bubble.The players got through the bubble and provided us sports to watch during the pandemic. 


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