DIY Life Hacks

DIY Life Hacks

Sydney Shimada, Journalist

No school supplies? Eye bags? Or even stains on the wall, we have all experienced these things one way or another. But don’t worry, here are some simple and easy DIY hacks that will change your life!

Many of us have a creative side but have you ever felt so creative that you used your wall as a canvas? Well, don’t fret because you can easily use a hairdryer and your drawings will disappear before your parents even find out. All you have to do is point the hairdryer at the drawings so the wax heats up and starts to melt, then quickly wipe away the hot wax with a cloth. Do you have scuffs on your wall? Tennis balls can easily remove them! Tennis balls act as an eraser, rub it against the scuffs and they will easily rub off.

Moving on to school, have you ever had so many papers to staple but no stapler around? All you need to do is take a knife or blade and cut a small slot at the top of your paper, it needs to go through all your papers. Lastly, fold the corner of papers through the slot. It might not be as secure as a staple, but it is a good temporary situation. Personally, I make a lot of mistakes with a pen or highlighter so this hack really applies to me. If you mess up you can dab a Q-tip in some lemon juice and rub it on the highlighter marks, they will easily disappear.

Lastly, have you ever woken up and had extreme eye bags? In the morning, mix gelatin, mint, parsley, and almond oil together in a bowl. Pour the serum onto wax paper and let it sit for a little. Once it has become like a jelly consistency, cut it into the shape you want. Place it under your eyes and wait fifteen minutes, then wipe it off. Hopefully, your bags should be gone!! I hope you find these hacks useful!