IBM provides Quantum Computers for all


Gautam Paranjape, Journalist / Editor

In 2020, IBM launched the quantum experience, a sandbox where businesspeople and developers could connect to real quantum computers and develop quantum algorithms, all for free. Quantum computers are able to perform calculations based on an object’s state before it is recorded, which allows them to process much more data compared to classical computers. Instead of just reading binary, quantum computers also have a state called superposition, which allows them to represent binary at the same time.


Now, developers are able to write programs on a quantum computer while learning quantum computing. The quantum experience has something called the circuit composer, which is a graphical tool that allows you to develop quantum circuits and run it on quantum hardware. You can even take your quantum circuit and convert it into Python code, which allows people to analyze it better.


The Coding School has also teamed up with IBM to sponsor 5000 students with free high quality quantum education. The course is taught by MIT and Oxford quantum scientists.. The goal of all of this is to create a new generation of people who are highly educated about the future’s computers and propel them to creating new things. IBM is also trying to have diversity and is sponsoring students in over 60 countries.


To sum it all up, IBM is leading the quantum world, just as they did for classical computers, and hope to educate future generations about technology.