Dance Moms and Their Iconic Quotes


Lauren Gamboa and Kylee Ngo, Journalists


Dance Moms is a reality TV show where girls around ages 7 to 17 train and compete for dance competitions. The show started in 2011, and there were seven seasons that ended in 2017. There was a short break, and then in 2019 season eight aired. Although season eight was pretty good, many people didn’t enjoy it, or even watch it because it didn’t have the original cast. Since season eight didn’t have most of the people from all the other seasons we will not be talking about them. 

Throughout the seasons, the cast had said some iconic quotes and we are here to talk about 10 of them. 


  • “Second is the first to lose!” -Abby Lee Miller


Abby Lee was the choreographer for the girls, and she was very competitive and hard on them. She always wanted to win and if she didn’t, she would get extremely mad. In multiple episodes, you can find Abby saying this quote.


  • “This is the perfect opportunity for my little Kendal.” -Jill Vertes 


Jill Vertes was the mom of Kendall Vertes, and she wanted as many opportunities for her daughter. As soon as a spot opened up, Jill was often the first to go for it. Almost all the time she would use this line, making the quote iconic. 


  • “I just cry sometimes, it’s no big deal.” -Mackenzie Ziegler 


Mackenzie Ziegler was the youngion of the cast. She was the younger sister of Maddie Ziegler, which put a lot of pressure on her shoulders. Anyway, because Mackenzie was going through all the stress at such a young age, she would cry and have breakdowns quite often. One particular stress scene was when Mackenzie was rehearsing the choreography before a music video. She had a breakdown, but afterwards did the choreography perfectly fine. The episode cut to her interview where she said this line.      


  • “Everyone’s replaceable.” -Abby Lee Miller


Like I said before, Abby Lee was a harsh teacher. She was the definition of tough love. So to push the girls, she would threaten to replace them with someone “better”. When she said this line it would send a wave of fear through the girls, and their dancing or behavior would be so much better. 


  • “I’m a perfectionist.” -Maddie Ziegler 


Maddie Ziegler was Abby’s favorite out of the whole cast, although she didn’t admit it everyone could see it. This led to Maddie trying her best to please everyone and hold that title. Throughout the years Maddie became more and more of a “perfectionist” and she would get annoyed if she wasn’t the best at the activity. One time, Maddie was in an interesting mood, and she wanted to do her makeup while her mom, Melissa was doing her hair. After she was done Maddie said it was too loose which made her mood even worse. When her mom gave her the earrings she needed to wear, maddie didn’t like them and walked away. It cut to her interview and she said, “I’m a perfectionist, I don’t like to be rusted when I’m doing my makeup and hair.” 


  • “I love dancing but I don’t want to go on broadway. All I want to do is just stay at home and eat chips,” –Mackenzie Ziegler

As you should know Mackenzie often felt like she wanted to give. Though she was younger then the rest of her teammates, she was treated the same as everyone else by abby. In this episode, Mackenzie had a dance routine called “Stay home and eat chips”, and she could easily relate. While she was practicing her solo, Mackenzie got very frustrated again and started to cry because she kept messing up and forgetting parts. Mackenzie said this years ago but has recently been turned into a viral sound on all social media platforms. Since Mackenzie has grown up and matured, she likes to play along with the joke. 

  • “Your kids all have sickled feet, and it blows my mind, because that’s all you hear: ‘Sickled feet, sickled feet, sickled feet.’ And they all have them!” – Cathy Nesbitt-Stein

Cathy Nesbitt-Stein and Abby Lee Miller are known for being rivals. Whenever both their dance companies compete against each other, Cathy and Abby always found a way to insult one another and sometimes end up doing crazy things. They could go as far as using a megaphone to shout or buying a cake with their face on it.  Though Abby already hates being in second place, losing to Cathy’s dance team ( The Candy Apples) makes Abby furious and wants to burst in rage. 

  • “Christi is jealous of my nine-year-old daughter and I think it’s ridiculous.” – Melissa Ziegler

Melissa ( also known as Mackenzie and Maddie’s mom ) can be caught bragging about her kids multiple times but thinks that they are more superior than everyone else. Sometimes, if another mom is talking about their daughter, Melissa is quick to compare them to Maddie and  Mackenzie. Unlike most of the moms, Melissa doesn’t like talking back to Abby. Along with Maddie, Abby favors Melissa and lets her sign up Maddie for special private dance lessons.

  • “I cut my finger on my mom’s ring. I hope I can still dance.” – Vivi-Anne Stein

Vivi-Anne ( or Vivi ) is Cathy’s daughter. She is known for not being too inspirational about dancing. Vivi-Anne says that she likes dancing but in this episode Vivi had to get bribed with a puppy for her to dance and be good. Since Vivi is Cathy’s daughter she gets special treatment. Though she is not as good as the older people in her dance team, she still gets to be in the dances. As Christi Zook Lukasiak (Chloe’s mom) would say, “ Cathay should get a special judges award for inventing new ways for Vivi to be a human prop in every dance. “

  • “I think Jojo is loud. And nuts. And she talks A LOT.” -Kalani Hilliker

Jojo Siwa joined dance moms in 2015 but was first introduced to Abby from her ultimate dance competition. Jojo is well-known for her loud and energetic personality. The first episode she was in, her dance teammates were quick to see that Jojo was crazy and a diva. She usually gets a lot of hate everyday because of how childish she acts. In a youtube video she explains that how she dresses makes her feel more comfortable than any other trendy clothing. 

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