Owning A Puppy


Amber Dogra , Journalist/Editor

Owning a dog isn’t easy, but it is good for you. With responsibilities like waking up early and cleaning up the poop, you learn the importance of responsibility, trust, compassion, respect, and patience. Once a dog has become attached to you, you will have a best friend for the rest of your life. At first, you have to get ready for what’s to come. You need everything that your pet will need to survive and a good schedule. 

At a young age, almost every day, you may have been asking your parents, “Can we please get a puppy?” Every day your parents want you to prove yourself responsible just to get that puppy. One day, your hard work pays off, and suddenly there is a furry little monster roaming around the house. Responsibility takes practice. To make sure things don’t go crazy at home, you need a steady schedule. 

During quarantine, the dog adoption sales have rocketed up. Due to the boredom of staying at home, it would be a bit easier to own a pet for working families. “Within my circle of friends, there are at least five people who have gotten a puppy,” says Tess Karaskevicus, a schoolteacher from Springfield, Virginia. As many people search for puppies, there are many waitlists for different breeds. The most commonly adopted breeds are Labrador retrievers and golden retrievers. These two dog breeds are the most family-friendly dog breeds according to the AKC.what is the AKC? The AKC is a group of many people who study different dog breeds and give tips about food, training, etc.

Though having a dog is like having a baby in the house, they will make a fun and friendly companion that will never leave you lonely.