Among Us And How to Play


Aya Schlueter, Journalist

Among Us has become quite a popular game recently. This article will help explain the game to people who haven’t experienced this awesome game yet. We will be talking about how the game was created, how it got so popular, and, most importantly, how to play.

Among Us was released on June 15th, 2018. Inner Sloth developed the game. InnerSloth also made other games like the popular game series Henry Stickman. Among Us took 6 months to enter the early access stage and another 6 months to leave beta. The game is still not completely finished. InnerSloth was making a sequel, but it was canceled so they could work on the original game.

Once it takes you to the map you’ll be playing in, it will tell you if you are an imposter or a crewmate. If you are an imposter, your name will appear in red. If you are a crewmate, your name will appear in white. When you are a crewmate, you will have to do tasks, the tasks are simple, such as fixing wiring, or swiping a card. While you are an imposter, you have to run around and fake doing tasks in order to not get caught. When you are an imposter, your goal is to eliminate crewmates until there is an equal amount of crewmates and imposters. There are many different strategies when playing Among Us. As a crewmate many people just quietly complete their tasks for an easy victory. Some people also tell their friends who the killer is after they die. Even though there are lots of people who cheat or use boring tactics, there’s also an abundance of skilled detectives. The most common mistakes people make as impostors are getting caught faking tasks and sneaking into vents when other players are nearby. A clever way to confirm if someone is an imposter or not is to ask them to do a visual task. A visual task is a task that other players can see. Usually, when a crewmate confirms another person is innocent, they stick together for the rest of the game. Imposter is definitely the more challenging role. Imposters have the ability to kill, lock doors, sneak in vents, and sabotage parts of the map. One of the easier strategies is to lock all the doors so you can kill someone and hide in the vents. Sabotaging the map forces crewmates to go to a certain part of the camp/ship to fix it. If it is not fixed within the time limit, the imposters win. This works best when there are only a few crew members left.

There are many different settings in Among Us, and they all can affect gameplay. One of the most important settings is how many imposters there are. You can have 1-3 imposters in a match, but the most popular amount is 2. Another important setting is what map you are using. The skeld the most popular, and said to be the best map. It is quite balanced for crewmates and imposters. Mira HQ has vents that connect all around the map, so imposters can get anywhere in a matter of seconds. Polus is easier for imposters to kill in. There are large open spaces and vents. Confirm Ejects is a game changing setting. If Confirm Ejects are on, it tells you if someone is an imposter when you vote them out, then it is easier to tell if someone is lying about someone being a killer. The last important setting is visual tasks. If visual tasks are on ,certain tasks are visible to other players. If they are off, players cannot tell if someone is doing a task as easily. Once you get into the ship where you will be waiting for players to join the game, you can customize more of the settings. You can change the amount of emergency meetings, the discussion time, voting time, the player speed, the crewmate vision, the imposter vision, the kill cooldown, kill distance, and the amount of tasks. Once you’ve personalized the settings for the game, you can customize your character. You have the options to pick between the colors, red, blue, green, pink, orange, white, black, purple, brown, cyan and lime. You can also choose a hat to go with your character. You can have pets and outfits, but you have to pay for those, so not many people have those.

Among us is a complex game overall, but once it gets fairly easier after a couple of rounds. This article went over the logistics of the game including the creators, how to play, and settings. Among Us is a good game to play for children because it’s cartoons and it’s not too realistic with a bunch of blood. It teaches kids how to solve problems because you are trying to find the imposter, and the tasks are good for kids because they’re simple, but they’re like puzzles and it helps motor skills. There are some people who swear, but that is why you can put safe chat on so no one can swear, and for kids they can join private games, with a join code that someone can send them, so little kids don’t have to play public games they can play with friends or relatives. Overall Among Us is an appropriate, lively game to play for all ages.