Best 5 games of 2020

Best 5 games of 2020

Jayden Chen

Top 5 games of 2020

Jayden Chen


(This list is my opinion.)

    5. Spellbreak

Spellbreak is a new battle royale, and although there are already a lot of battle royales like Fortnite, Apex Legends, Hyperscape, and Fall Guys, this one uses magic gauntlets and abilities to fight, instead of guns. Players, called vowbreakers, can pick up gauntlets with different elements that use up a manabar, which recharges quickly. Playerscan play with a squad of 3 or a duo. This is the game for people who want a game with no guns. Spellbreak is free on every platform (except mobile, not available)

  1. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Fall Guys was released on August 4, 2020, and it was very popular at launch. A lot of popular YouTubers and streamers played it and so many people played it because it is simple and easy to learn. It’s a battle royale where the objective is to survive the obstacles and traps and be the last one to stay on the platform. There are other game modes like a soccer game mode and tail tag. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is $19.99 on Playstation 4 and available on Steam.

  1. Valorant

Riot Games, the company that made League of Legends, made a shooter called Valorant. Valorant is different from other shooters because if you want your bullets to be accurate, you have to stand still. Valorant is a 5v5 Counter-Strike type shooter with Overwatch abilities and powers. There are 12 agents and there will be a new agent released on October 27, and each one has abilities that benefit the team, such as blinding flashes, smoke to block vision, zoning abilities, and repositioning abilities. The objective of Valorant is to overtake a bomb site, where you can plant a spike that will detonate after 45 seconds. If it explodes, the attackers win. But the defenders will try and eliminate all the attackers so that they can defuse the spike before it explodes. Instead of starting with guns or picking up guns, players have to buy guns and some abilities with money that you earn from getting kills, winning, and planting/defusing the spike. Valorant is free on pc only.


  1. Among Us

Among Us is a fun murder mystery party game that was released in 2018. In September 2020, Among Us blew up, gaining millions of players suddenly. The game was made by only 3 developers. The game is simple: A group of up to 10 players start a game and each player, called crewmates, have different tasks. If all tasks are completed, crewmates win. But there is at least 1 imposter, who will kill crewmates when no one is around. Crewmates can report dead bodies and discuss who killed. The imposter can win by killing enough people. Right now there are 3 maps to choose from. Among us is free on mobile and $5 on pc.


  1. Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The pandemic is something no one could’ve expected, and it forced people to be stuck at home with nothing to do. But that’s when Animal Crossing: New Horizon (ACNH for short) came along. ACNH was delayed for a year, and it released at the perfect time. With everyone being stuck inside, ACNH gave people a virtual paradise where they could build their island. Players can do anything; like design your characters, decorate the island, and invite other animals to your island (your neighbors are animals) You could catch fish, cut trees, craft objects, construct buildings, and reform your island. ACNH is the perfect game for the situation we are in right now. Animal Crossing is $60 on the Nintendo Switch only.