Titans Have a Massive Outbreak of COVID-19 Cases

A Massive Scare in the NFL


Tyce Copus, Journalist


If you have not been paying attention to the NFL you might not know about the Titans’ massive outbreak of COVID-19 cases. Since the 24th of September, the Titans have had 24 different organization members test positive. This included 13 players and 11 staff members. You might be thinking why not implement a bubble? The reason there is no bubble is because there are too many people. It is also the reason baseball does not implement a bubble. Just because of all these cases They had to close their facilities until 10/10/20. Finally, after 2 days of no one testing positive, they could reopen facilities for in-person training. Their facilities were shut down for 11 whole days which may not seem like a lot but imagine you need to come up with your gameplan, and you need to practice it without meeting in person.

How does this happen when the NFL has such strict rules about COVID-19? Well, there is one case where the Titans did break the rules. On September 30th, 15 members of the Titans got together for an informal workout. This was expected to have caused the outbreak because someone on the Titans had already tested positive. One of these players being Ryan Tannehill, the Titans star Quarterback. He did not contract the virus but it was a very unsafe move to go against the protocols. For this, the Titans will only face a $350,000 fine. This is not a very smart move because you want to discourage others from doing the same. 

After contracting COVID-19, Titans’ outside linebacker Kamalei Correa is demanding a trade. The former 2nd round pick through the first 3 weeks has only played 20% of the snaps for the Titans. On October 14th, he was traded to the Jaguars for a sixth-round pick. This proves that he was mainly upset with the organization because the Titans would never trade someone like that for a sixth-round pick. So far, he is the only player on the Titans to demand a trade, but who would want to leave right now because the Titans are 5-0? If this happens again to another team, I would expect the same response as Kamelei Correa.

Most surprising of all the Titans have only missed one week of football. If They had missed more, the NFL would have had to make that game up whether it be an extra week or 2 games in a week. Moving forward into the NFL season hopefully, no other team will have an outbreak of COVID-19 cases. Although we have had some scares where people test positive on a team, there has not been a big outbreak. I feel like this season has been a miracle ranging from just playing football to somehow getting to play only two weeks after 24 people test positive. Let’s get through this season of football with no more big scares like that again.