Halloween in COVID19

Halloween in COVID19

Sydney Shimada, Journalist

COVID-19 has brought many changes to people all over the world. Face masks are now part of our daily wear and people are asks to maintain a distance of 6 feet, so it is no surprise to us that our holidays would eventually be affected. Back in March, no one expected the pandemic to last this long. Sadly, everyone is still expected to social distance and even though it is getting better there is really no way to tell when it will end. Usually, during the holiday season, people come together and spend time with each other. However, with the pandemic, even things that have been normal to use for years are starting to change. 

With new COVID restrictions, people are expected to social distance and keep away from other people by 6 feet. A holiday soon coming in the month of October is Halloween. Typically kids and their parents go door to door asking for candy or treats on the 31st. Many people are wondering, ¨Is Halloween canceled??¨ ¨How will we go trick or treating?¨ Many cities are thinking of banning trick or treating all together because it will be nearly impossible to maintain a safe distance of 6 ft. with everyone out on the streets. Some cities that have canceled their annual Halloween events are Los Angeles, California, New York, New York, Chicago, Illinois, and many others. 

People with underlying conditions are expected to stay inside no matter what, but there are other fun Halloween activities you can do if trick or treating is canceled. Low-risk activities could include virtual parties, like pumpkin carving or even just hanging out. A moderate activity might be holding a small outside party with people in your ¨bubble¨. You would have to wear a mask and maintain a safe distance, but you would still be able to see other people and enjoy this holiday. A higher risk activity would include anything indoors or going trick or treating. Breaking social distancing with people outside of your bubble is considered a risk, but if you are comfortable with it you just have to be responsible and know that it is not only affecting your health but also all the people you come in contact with. 

COVID-19 is hard for everyone, humans are supposed to have interaction with others they aren’t used to being secluded from others or staying inside for months. Change can be hard because you never know what the outcome will be. However, when we make it out of this it will be nice to know that together we accomplished something that has never been experienced before. Stay safe and healthy!!