California Wildfires: Data Report


Hayla Hashem, Journalist

You have probably heard but lately, there have been extreme California wildfires. In many western areas of the United States and Canada, every year brings the risk of wildfires, especially between August to November. The 2020 season has started with intensity with fires in several states and provinces. The Center for Disaster Philanthropy (CDP) is following all fires and reporting on the largest and most destructive ones.

( Source: Center For Disaster Philanthropy )


 Since the beginning of the year, there have been well over 8,500 wildfires that have burned over 3.6 million acres in California. In 2019, there have been about 8,194 wildfires. As for 2018, there were about 7,500 wildfires. If you pay closer attention to the years, you can tell the fires grow every year. But why you may ask? The answer is because of all the Climate change, primarily caused by the burning of fossil fuels, is increasing the frequency and severity of wildfires not only in California but also all over the world. 


We all are probably wondering if California fires are going to get any better. The answer is that Wildfires in California are going to continue or get worse. Long ago, some 4.5 million acres or more burned annually prior to the year 1800, according to a study by UC Berkeley. But that no longer occurs at that scale. 


Although we have to deal with fires and COVID-19, there have been some questions like is the Corona Virus affecting the fires? Now although they both share the same air pollution, Corona hasn’t affected the fires in any way.


Sadly, we know that 2020 has had the most fires in the past couple years, we know it isn’t getting any better, and we also have to juggle COVID-19, we all are hoping things get back on track even if it’s going to take a little bit.