Don’t Celebrate the Virus

Gali Aseo, Journalist




                     COVID-19 has been a huge part of our day to day lives. If we want to stay safe we have to follow strict rules. This article is focusing on large gatherings and their rules. All private gatherings must limit the number of attendees and are required to be held outside. Attendees may go inside to use restrooms as long as the restrooms are frequently sanitized, according to the document from the  California Department of Public Health. Most people can follow this rule with no problems. Some on the other hand, completely ignore it. 

                     A group of college students in Florida created a new trend. A trend is a topic that is the subject of many posts on a social media website within a short period of time. Most trends on social media are positive and harmless. These college students did not have the same intentions. They heard about their friend getting COVID-19 and got an idea. A game in which they all try to get COVID-19 and see who gets it first. The winner gets money. They hosted so-called “covid parties.” No one was wearing their masks or keeping any sort of social distancing. A similar thing happened a few weeks later. 

                     Tiktok stars Bryce Hall and Blake Gray threw a party to celebrate Bryce’s birthday. Police arrived after a complaint call to hundreds of people not wearing their masks or social distancing. People believe that Bryce didn’t think much of throwing a party because of his fame. Bryce and Blake were charged with a $2000 fine for throwing their COVID-19 party. There have been rumors of Bryce throwing another party a few weeks later. There has been no evidence that this happened, but Bryce’s previous neighbors say it’s very likely.

                        These “covid parties” are still going on today. With people refusing to wear their masks and not taking the proper precautions, COVID-19 cases are getting worse each day. Shawn Marshall Myers also didn’t listen to any of the rules. He held a gathering at his house with around 50 people. No masks and no social distancing. When the police arrived, Myers allegedly argued with the police and eventually agreed, the police ordered everyone to leave. Five days later, Myers decided to throw another party. This time with more than 70 people. “Officers told Myers to disband the party, but again he was argumentative claiming he and his guests had the right to congregate,” according to police. Myers also allegedly told his guests to ‘’stay in defiance of Governor Hogan’s Orders and the officers’ lawful orders to disband the party,” prosecutors said. Myers will be spending a year in jail. 

                         Cases in the world right now are at 40,652,097, and there have been 1,122,036 deaths. COVID-19 is only getting worst. In order for things to go back to normal, we all have to follow COVID-19 rules and precautions. If everyone does that we will get out of this way sooner.