Pros and Cons of Online School

Alvina Baghirova, Journalist


   Online school can be very challenging in so many ways for students and teachers. That doesn’t mean it can’t be simple. There are so many pros and cons. Let’s start with the cons. Since students and teachers are on a computer for about 285 minutes which is about 4 hours. That is a precisely long time to be staring at a screen and it could be harder to focus. Another con is students can also easily cheat and search for the answers to a problem. Another con is that students and teachers can be easily distracted since they are in their home with their belongings. Also, some people might not have the best internet or a quiet and alone place to work at. One other con is that if your mic or camera doesn’t work, that could be a problem for your grades or attendance record.  Plus, students and teachers won’t be able to see their friends as much which totally sucks. A lot of student’s and teachers don’t really take distance learning a big deal but you still have to remember to go to sleep a little earlier than when you normally do go to sleep. So you have to be very responsible. 

   On the bright side, there are a lot of good pros. Such as, people don’t have to get ready as much, you can stay in your pajamas and just brush your teeth and hair. Also, you can go get a snack or meal or drink when you are done with your work and your camera is off. Taking a short break is very important, so this suggestion is very great to keep in mind. Also, if you need to go to the bathroom, you can just go. Another pro is that classes are shorter than when we went to school, not virtually. An addition to the pros is that students and teachers have longer breaks to just walk around, get water, or a snack, or just go on your phones. Another pro is that you can pace yourself when you’re doing an assignment. One of the last pros, for now, is that students and teachers would be learning or teachings in comfort. These are some of the pros and cons of distance learning.