The Upsides of the Corona Virus


Shreeya Gupta

As you may know Coronavirus has killed over millions of people,thousands of lives are still in danger. Corona has also affected everyone’s personal life as well, but did you ever think, are there any positive things that came out of Coronavirus? Surprisingly, there are many things that have come up. 


Before Corona you could see traffic, cars and trucks rushing up and down the road, someone smoking in the corner or even some kind of smoke coming out of the building next door to you. As soon as people started to go into quarantine, stores and shops started closing down, people started going out less, and the traffic rush started dimming down. Thus, to all of this, the pollution in the air has gone down drastically. The less pollution in the air, the healthier the earth gets. Another good thing is, Global Warming isn’t coming in intensely.


The decrease of pollution is a great improvement, but what the most shocking thing is that scientists still haven’t found the cure for Corona, they have tried lots of different medicines but none of them have cured corona yet. Thus, when scientists do so much research to find a cure for corona, they also can find cures for so many other diseases from all the research they did. 


Another pro of the corona virus is that people get to spend more time with their family. Norma,s kids have after school activities or they hang out with their friends or they have tons of homework to do. Now that everyone is in quarantine, kids and teens get more time to spend with their families. They also have less stress, normally kids are very stressed out in school, from bringing heavy textbooks home or writing a long essay, kids now can study at their own pace and take their own time to learn things.