The Most Damaging Fires in all of US History


Amelia Carr-Tijerina, Journalist

Fires are one of the most common natural disasters in the world. Placing #5 most common natural disasters in the US. In fact, in just 2019 there were 50,477 wildfires during the year. There have been many horrible fires but there are three fires that are notoriously known to be the most damaging. These include the Peshtigo Fire, Cloquet Fire, and the Great Fire. The Peshtigo Fire happened in 1871 in Wisconsin. Before it was put out, it destroyed 1.2 million acres of 


land, killed 1,200 people, and caused a total of 169 million dollars worth of damage. In 1918, the Cloquet Fire started in Minnesota. This fire damaged over 250,000 acres of land and caused 73 million dollars worth of damage. During the time when the fire occurred, Minnesota was known for having the driest season in 48 years, leading scientists to believe that was why the fire occurred. The Great Fire was the worst of them all. This fire occurred in 1910 in Idaho and Western Minnesota,  causing 

damage and destroying over 3 million acres of land. The Great Fire cost 87 people their lives. Although the thousands of fires that occurred in the U.S these three fires remain notorious for being at the top spot of the worst fires in U.S history.