Bay Area Schools Reopening for In-Person Learning

Edward Choi, Journalist

We all know that most schools have been closed for quite some time now. Most of us kids want to go back to in-person learning to see our friends, teachers, and learn our subjects in an easier way. California has 4 tiers of Covid-19: yellow, orange, red, and purple. Purple means schools have to be closed, 0range, yellow and red means that schools can open after 2 weeks of being in the red tier or lower. Here are some counties in the Bay Area that are allowing some schools to open for in person learning. 

Contra Costa County has approved 14 schools to go back and there were a total of 32 waivers. Marin County has let 15 schools with 12 more waivers waiting for approval. They also have opened more than 12 schools to teach in person outside and only allowed 12 students at a time because of the Covid-19 situation. As of September 10, 2020 Alameda County has sent out their waiver process, and if schools want to open their schools for in person teaching, they are to complete a questionnaire by September 11, 2020. The schools have to submit their plans for reopening and give their waivers back to the Alameda County Health Office as late as September 17th. The San Francisco County is in the red tier and is allowed to reopen schools but they want schools to ask for permission if they want to go back to in-person teaching.

Napa County is in the red tier and can reopen on September 14, 2020, however, the county’s biggest school district, Napa Valley Unified, said it doesn’t want to reopen because the state requires the school to test a portion of the school’s employees repeatedly. The Santa Clara County has approved 15 school waivers and is keeping track of all of the approvals and applications. Sonoma County has accepted waivers but won’t let them reopen until there are fewer than 200 out of 100,000 cases in the county in the 2 weeks before reopening. Solano County has gotten a lot of waivers, asking for permission to reopen but as of September 10, 2020, they are still looking through all of them. 

Bayside Martin Luther King, Jr. Academy was about to open on Tuesday, September 8 2020. Some students got ready to go to school but the school day was cancelled One of the employees might have tested positive, which caused the school day to be cancelled. The people from the district sent out a message at eleven o’clock at night on Monday, September 7, 2020, but some parents and students didn’t read it. The opening was postponed by at least a week. Kailin Teno said, “They told us when we got here,” she said. “It’s disappointing.” Kailin’s son Majesty, was told that school was canceled on his first day of kindergarten. This was a very unfortunate thing that happened and we can just hope that the Covid-19 situation gets better.

In conclusion, many schools have been allowed to reopen but only less than one percent of the students in the Bay Area have gone back to school. We all want schools to reopen and we all want to go back to our normal lives, but this might not happen very soon. We might be stuck in this situation for a long time. The lockdown of schools is not great and not the most ideal learning situation but we have to keep the spreading of Covid-19 steady. It’s hard for kids to learn and puts a lot of stress on the students shoulders, but we want to make the Covid-19 situation safe as soon as possible. This situation is not the greatest but if we can get back to normal soon, it will be great.


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