How to Deal with Stress During these Times

How to Deal with Stress During these Times

Julia Montenegro, Journalist

With everything going on in the world it’s hard to cope with stress during the era of  COVID-19. Online school, work, and much more have us all under a lot of pressure. There are so many ways to deal with stress, but here are some of the best ways to combat the effects of these trying times, from meditating to camping.    

Exercising is one of the best ways to relieve stress. Exercising is good for your health because it boosts your overall well being, and it makes you more lively everyday. You should exercise at least two times a week because it is good for your health. Eating well and relaxing your muscles helps relieve stress because eating well and having a good diet and good living habits helps your overall body.

Slowing down. Rushing around and going too fast and not enjoying the moment is a big part of stress. Sometimes you need to take a couple days and spend time with family, or even on your own, go out, and don’t rush, live in the moment. Taking a break is in the category of slowing down. It’s almost the same, but taking a break is going places, going out, taking a vacation.

Making time for hobbies. Some people don’t even know what their hobbies are because they are too busy with work, and projects. Sometimes taking some time to yourself to find out your hobbies and exploring, finding yourself helps relieve stress because you’re not around a bunch of people trying to do work, and stressing out about deadlines. Talking about your problems helps, even talking to yourself, that’s called self talking. When you self talk, make sure everything you say to yourself is positive, things like, “I can do this”.    

Dealing with stress is hard to manage, but if you know how to face stress head on then your stress can sometimes go away like that. It’s different for everybody, and sometimes it takes years for people to be completely relieved and know how to deal with all of this. But sometimes, it’s not that hard to go outside camping with your friends, and family.