Items the world is running out of


Raneem Motalib, Journalism

           Did you know the world is running out of things that you might love? Well, it’s true, and here’s all the information you need.


          The first item that we, sadly, might be running out of is chocolate. The reason why is because of the work it takes to make it. “(each new crop takes five years to grow), has to be done by hand, and even worse, has to be done by hand in excruciating heat. And the final payoff? A whopping eighty cents a day—for the farmer,” writes Ashley Feinberg in the article 7 Things You Had No Idea the World Is Running Out Of. Chocolate is hard to make and some of the hard workers who make the delicious treat are sadly being forced to do it. We mainly get our chocolate supply from West Africa which is why some of the workers are children. Chocolate can only grow at very precise temperatures; Latitudes within 10 degrees of the equator to be exact. This is why it can not grow in other countries. So enjoy the treat before it meets its end.

A nice cup of coffee.


          Another item we might be running out of is coffee, but not just any coffee; actual high-quality coffee. High-quality coffee is natural coffee, or not artificial. While real coffee is sustainable, many more people want it which means there is too much coffee being used at once. Pretty soon there may be very little left. Drink it while you still can, especially if you are a big fan.


          Lastly, another item we might be running out of is bacon. Though not all people eat bacon. It is still a big breakfast meal for many communities. Now technically we aren’t “running” out of bacon. But people predict that the price of it will go up. Almost every year the price of something goes up. There is still hope because this is just a prediction. However, I recommend you start taken bacon out of your diet.

         A lot of people are disappointed that all these beloved things might be gone. Anila ray, 12 years old, is especially suprised about chocolate “disappearing” She says, “It’s such a big part of most American’s lives because we cook with it and make drinks with it.” 


          Some people also feel that bacon is something that they can live without. Lia Araneta, 12 years old, says, “I would feel kind of shocked but it’s something I can live without since people are coming up with eco-friendly ways.” After being asked how she feels about the world running out of it.


Time to start stocking up!


*photos taken by Raneem Motalib