What industries are highly be affected by the Pandemic, and which ones are thriving?

What industries are highly be affected by the Pandemic, and which ones are thriving?

Gautam Paranjape, Journalist / Editor

The Coronavirus pandemic has affected the whole world. Since 2019, the virus has killed millions of people,  infected millions more, and shut down business, shops, shows, and offices; the whole economy. 

Although this has been a worldwide disaster, you might still be wondering, what got affected the most, what happened, and what will the future be like? No worries, because in the story we will be covering just that.

Well, first of all, let’s talk about the main industries that got affected. There is an industry for everything, but the ones that really struggled was the airline industry, restaurant industry, and the hospitality industry in general. Airlines got the most affected.

Each day, millions of people fly by airlines, as it’s the most efficient way of travel to get to places far away. Before the pandemic, the economy was full-fledged, and that meant the airline industry too. Airplanes were safer than ever, and there were a lot more efficient airplanes and inventions that were supposed to become in the U.S. in 2021. When the pandemic hit, this thriving economy was shut down, and airlines were forced to stop flying because they couldn’t satisfy the health precautions, and they had to abandon and park many airplanes. The thing about airplanes is that you can’t just park them somewhere (parking space is a problem too), and every few days you have to maintain them, start the engines, and provide an airplane check to make sure that the plane can still fly. Doing this is very time consuming, requires a lot of labor and is expensive to do. It has cost airlines millions. And if that wasn’t enough, the initial problem, that people weren’t flying hit them the most.

What about the good things? Many industries have been thriving too, and hundreds of startups are making millions and going public. The most prominent one is the online delivery industry.

During the pandemic, people have been really afraid of going out and shopping, because they are scared that they will catch the virus. A solution to this was online delivery. Instead of going out, someone could go out and get your groceries for you. Companies such as Instacart, Amazon Fresh, and many more are dominating online grocery delivery. An industry that was expected to get popular in 5 years turned out to be only a few weeks!

In conclusion, the coronavirus pandemic is a worldwide disaster, and will affect us for many years beyond, but is positive for a lot of things.