California/Oregon Fires: How is it affecting people; what are they doing to deal with the change

California/Oregon Fires: How is it affecting people; what are they doing to deal with the change

Lia Araneta, Journalist/Editor

Fires continue to blaze all across the west coast. Thousands of people displaced and forced to evacuate from their homes. But these fires are not just affecting people near it, it’s also affecting people from a greater distance. 

Take for example, Juliana Park. Juliana was taking a hike when she noticed black ash on her shirt.

“I was wearing a white shirt and you could see the black ash on my shirt, and the white ash falling on top of our eyelashes. When we got to the car, we had a red Honda, you could see on the hood black and white ash. It was getting harder to breathe and see.” (Juliana Park) Juliana is just one of thousands of people to observe the ash descend from the sky.

But what about the homeowners who stayed and protected their houses? One such homeowner did the unimaginable and stayed while his whole neighborhood collapsed in flames. Noah Standridge bravely stayed in his house protecting it from the blazes of fires coming towards his house. He tracked the fires taking notice of how it moves.

He only had a flower pot and his own feet to defend this house from the inferno coming his way. Those actions Standridge took saved his house from becoming a pile of ash. (Stanridge in his home shown on the left)


A new fire has emerged in Santa Rosa called the Glass fire. As of now, the fire has burned over 56,000 acres with it being 5% contained. Thousands had to evacuate from their homes and business leaving behind many momentums. Kevin and Nicki Conant are shown hugging on the bottom after returning to their homes and business reduced to ashes. 

“It was like a part of me is gone, burned up in the fire. Everything we built here, everything we made here is gone,” Nikki Conant said.

During these times we can only hope that these fires will disappear. If you ever think a fire will come your way, always be prepared to pack a go-bag with money, clothes, and valuable items. These actions will save you some time to evacuate faster.