The California Lake Fire

The California Lake Fire

Nia Goulishev, Journalist

From COVID-19 to quarantine to fires, a lot has happened in just a few months. California goes through many struggles each year, trying to maintain fires and rescue people from homes and buildings. In addition to that, forests as well. It’s no surprise we’ve had fires recently, considering we’ve had them for a few years now.

Many people have lost jobs, pets, family members, and un-replaceable items. One specific fire in California is the Lake Fire. The Lake Fire started on August 12, 2020. This fire is located in Los Angeles; Specifically between Lake Hughes Road and Prospect Road in Southwest Lake Hughes. Like most fires, it was a wildfire. However, the original cause of the fire is under investigation. No one knows what started it.

 “ ‘The fire erupted Wednesday afternoon near Lake Hughes and quickly became a “major fire,” according to the U.S. Forest Service.’ ” This quote was from a USA Today article titled, “Southern California’s Lake Fire feeds on ‘decadent’ fuels, burns over 18,000 acres in Angeles National Forest” by Jessica Flores. The Lake Fire had been using 100-year-old trees such as the Big Cone Douglas Fir, Oak, and the Grey Pine as fuel to continue burning. Some of the flames had reached over 100 feet long in some areas! 

“Flames from the Lake Fire raced across ridges and steep slopes, including in some areas that hadn’t burned since 1968, fire officials said.” The Lake Fire had been spreading a lot but what was fascinating was the fact that it used such old trees to keep growing, and the fires spread to places that hadn’t been on fire in years. The Lake Fire has been 100% contained as of September 28th, 2020. Meaning it has been fully extinguished. 

“Those are scary to us because we can’t impact Mother Nature,” Osby said. Who is the County Fire Chief of Los Angeles.“When she’s blowing … and the fuels are naturally designed to burn, it’s up to our citizens to really cooperate with us … to prevent a fire, and if there is one, to dial 911 and to evacuate.”  This quote was from the LA Times article titled, “Lake fire raises concern as wildfire season heats up,” by Joseph Serna. It demonstrates how the fires can be scary, but what you need to know is if you see a fire to take precaution and call 911, and that way, they can help prevent the fire from spreading as much.


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