What Pro Sports are doing during the Pandemic

What Pro Sports are doing during the Pandemic

Christian Louie, Journalist, Editor

During the pandemic, the Coronavirus has killed over 200,000 people and 7,000,000 people have gotten COVID in the United States. Worldwide, there have been 35,000,000 cases and 1,000,000 deaths from the Coronavirus. Even with the Coronavirus still active and people catching it, there are some sports that have started their seasons. Here is what each major sport in the U.S. is doing about the Coronavirus.


First of all, the NBA has started. There are 22 of the 30 teams playing in the bubble. The teams that are not playing include the Pistons, Hawks, and Warriors. To be able to play, every player, coach, and staff member must test negative twice within a 48 hour time period before each series. If the second test is positive, there will be the third test. If it is negative, they will be allowed back on the NBA campus.

  The NFL is also playing now! There are 2 groups or tiers. Tier 1 includes players and people that are close to players (coaches and staff). Tier 2 consists of other people who might need to be close to Tier 1 people. Both tiers are tested for Coronavirus daily, while the rest of the staff are tested weekly. If someone tests positive, they must immediately quarantine. They may return after 10 days, or after they get two negative tests and five days have passed. The Browns, Colts, Jaguars, Chiefs, Dolphins, and Cowboys have chosen to allow fans to come, but only 3.5-25 percent of the stadium’s capacity. On the filed, the players will be playing with the same precautions as normal.


The MLB is making some big changes. This season will only have 60 games in the regular season. If a player tests positive for Coronavirus, he must test negative twice before being able to play. This season, both the National League and American League will be able to use a DH (designated hitter). This means that a certain player hits instead of the pitcher. In the stands, there are cardboard cutouts to act like fans. This season’s playoffs will also be expanded, so eight teams can make the playoffs from each division (16 total). With this expanded post-season, more fans will be able to watch their favorite teams this month.


In the NHL, the players and staff will get tested for Coronavirus daily. There will be a total of 24 teams playing. The 12 Eastern Conference teams will play in Toronto, and 12 Western Conference teams will play in Edmonton.  For the 2020-21 season, the bubble won’t exactly be the same. The staff and players don’t want to go through the same grind as this season’s bubble. The Canadian border will affect the 2020-21 bubble because of the travel.


All of these major sports have altered their season in many different ways due to the Coronavirus. Whether it was a shorter season, playing somewhere else, or having fewer fans, this year was definitely an outlier from the other seasons. Hopefully, the Coronavirus will get better so that we can get close to having regular sports seasons.