COVID-19: An Opportunity

Anila Ray, Journalist/ Editor

During COVID-19, many people are confined to their homes and are struggling to comply with safety protocol. Only go out when necessary, always wear masks, and, above all, stay away. Right now, some people are having a hard time staying busy and having fun. When asked how the pandemic has changed the activities she was able to participate in, Bela Ray, 7, replied, referring to an inability to participate in tennis, “. . . the tennis courts in our neighborhood are closed because of coronavirus…”


“Social distancing policies have affected me by not being able to do certain things, like doing my dance classes in person. I also don’t get to see  friends and family as much as I did without social distancing, but at least I still get to FaceTime,” says Lauren G, 12, explaining how the pandemic has affected her. “My family was planning to travel somewhere close to our home but since the COVID numbers have increased… we decided to stay home and be safe.” According to a TravelPulse site, a survey in April concluded that about 48% of the surveyed Americans also had to cancel their vacation plans. Although COVID-19 may have limited many ways to have fun with friends and family, there are still ways to enjoy yourselves. Maybe this pandemic can be looked at, not as a negative event, but as an opening to new opportunities.

Sydney’s Art (Sydney S.)
Sydney’s Calligraphy (Sydney S.)


A challenge during these times is having fun in a safe way. Many people can’t visit their family and friends, so they’ve found other ways to stay busy. “During quarantine, a hobby I’ve picked up is doing art! Before the pandemic, I was a lot busier and now that there isn’t much to do, I have more time to do things I enjoy,” explains Sydney S, a 7th grader at Bowditch Middle School. Staying at home can allow you to pick up new hobbies, start and finish any projects, and learn new skills.


Sara J, who’s in 7th grade, chose to use this time to improve on small skills. “I have been trying to… write better, so I have… this little book and I write in it…” she says. “… this helps me… improve my handwriting.”


Sasha B, another Bowditch student says, “Some hobbies I’ve picked up are weaving wreaths, it’s so relaxing, and I’ve also tried crocheting, which was fun but not something I’d like to do all the time. I just do these things for fun, and they’re totally random.” Although we have to social distance, a few people have still found ways to stay safe and have fun with friends.

When asked about any new hobbies picked up, Raneem Motalib responded with this picture. (Sent by Raneem Motalib)


“During the summer I was able to hang out with some friends, socially distanced. Sometimes we just biked around the town or we got food and went to the park and ate it,” says Gabi C, another middle schooler.  “I also painted my room and re- organized/ decorated it.”


Some people have found ways to plan new vacations that are safe, but still just as fun as the ones they were forced to cancel. “Over the summer, my family… went to Wyoming Grand Teton National Park,”  says Gabi, whose family was able to still enjoy their vacations, despite the virus. “We stayed at a condo for a week and then went camping in the national park. To stay safe, we drove there and when we got to the hotel, we wiped down the whole hotel room. We are also trying to plan to go to Arizona for either Thanksgiving break or Christmas/ New Years break.”


Sasha B added later, elaborating on her COVID- 19 experiences, “My family drove to a small town called Arnold and we stayed at a cabin for the weekend.” 

Gabi’s Trip to Grand Teton National Park (Sent By Gabi C.)

During coronavirus, although activities may be limited, many adapt to the circumstances and are able to stay entertained. Some go on vacations to safe locations, some pick up hobbies and try new things that they enjoy, and still some keep themselves busy by staying near their home and just having fun with friends. COVID- 19 may limit our options, but it doesn’t limit our fun.














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