What is Reddit

What is Reddit

Abhijith Aravind and Tony Kim

Reddit is an online social media platform consisting of thousands of different communities, all of which are attuned to a specific genre. Founded by Steve Huffman in 2005, Reddit is extremely popular in all English-speaking countries. Most people use text, and memes in Reddit. Reddit is the fourth most popular site in the US.


It became popular when somebody decided to change the User Interference to be more like Facebook. The users didn’t like this change. So, they decided to change it back to normal. 


Now, let’s talk about Reddit Karma. Reddit Karma is a system of points that people earn when you post stuff. One way to get reddit karma is posting something, you get karma for the amount of upvotes your post gets. You can use Reddit Karma on things like badges, and if you downvote a post you use Reddit Karma.


Reddit coins are coins that you earn when someone likes your post, or you have to buy them. It has to be a donation, and can’t be earned for free. It can take years to earn a lot of Reddit Coins. Using 700 Reddit coins, you can buy Reddit Premium. 


In conclusion, Reddit is a platform used for social media. It is a platform which people use to chat and show memes. Reddit is a worthwhile platform because it is social media made fun.