The Yellow Group

The Yellow Group

Claire Liberman, Journalist

What is The Yellow Group?

The Yellow Group is a promotion/service “business”  whose main purpose is to help others users on instagram. The Yellow Group  doesn’t serve anyone on instagram, they are part of the instagram episode community. This community consists of episode or wattpad authors, editors, or readers. Anyone reading this article probably doesn’t know what that is, but once you join this community its like a family you can never leave…


There are many other groups like Yellow these include: 


@epiapprecaited (a group I really look up to) 


















So as you can see I’m not crazy for owning a group, it is really common within the episode community. And these are just some of the hundred groups there are! 


How The Yellow Group Started

The Yellow Group, @the_yellow_group_,  is run by me, Claire, and one of my best friends, Marsha. I started off not focusing as much on this group, as I used to be an author as well. After something happened, I couldn’t continue writing. Now, I try my best to work full time in this group and give it my best work. With over 20 members, hopefully we can take the right path to eventually help as many people as we can!


What The Yellow Group Offers, More Specifically



We promote stories by making a post about them giving reasons why someone should read it. We will also take our time to show some screenshots of the first couple chapters, this will give the reader a rough sneak peek of the story, hopefully intriguing them for more. Our goal while promoting is giving authors the reads they deserve for their through effort. ‘Shout out’ could be another word for a promotion. 




We review your story to the best of our ability with a template proven to include everything a story contains. This will not only promote your story, but will also give you feedback to make your story even better than it already is! Our reviewers take their time to read three chapters of your story and focus on improving areas such as the plot of the story, directing, length, grammar, punctuation and syntax, choices, music and sound, and character development. We will also provide some conclusions and suggestions at the end along with a total out of 100. We assure the authors of these stories that we don’t want to offend or discourage the author in any way, instead, we want to make readers look forward to reading more and making the best out of their story. 




Every story needs a cover, our editors can make you one. Even if it’s not a cover, it could be an art scene, profile picture to make your instagram account more appealing, or splash. We also offer video edits, could be personal, a trailer for your story, or practically anything. For some examples visit our account or our editors’ accounts (check out the member cards for their usernames) 


Outfit of the Week, Prompts, OTM contests, Quote of the Day: 


For the outfit of the week, it must be hard to come up with at least 40 outfits, that’s why we give you ideas for both male and female outfits weekly. It is always hard to come up with story ideas as well, that’s why we’ve got plenty of prompts (we usually offer at least one every week). OTM contests are basically contests in which you can promote other authors or editors in the comments. Our OTM pickers will choose someone from those comments which will be nominated “Editor or Author of the Month”. If you follow us we also post quotes daily to make one’s day better. 


Once again, you probably won’t have the slightest idea of what this group is all about or even what we’re talking about if you haven’t been or at least know about the instagram epi community.