Raccoons And Why You Should Like Them

Raccoons And Why You Should Like Them

Jeremiah Pascual, Journalist

Why You should like Raccoons


People think raccoons are pests but they are better than that. They are really cute and could be saving the environment without you even knowing. Raccoons also protect other pests because they want to save them from getting hurt, but at the same time, they also attack. Raccoons attack to protect themselves and their family from getting hurt. Raccoons are also one of the most obedient pests out there compared to squirrels and other rodents. You should also like raccoons because they also help cure cancer(Greatandsmol.com). claims that raccoons can also cure diseases because most parasites and bacteria stick on raccoons, preventing the germs from passing on to other individuals. These are just some reasons why you should like raccoons.

Information On Raccoons:

Raccoons are nocturnal which is why you mostly see them at night instead of the day. They will eat anything they find in forests, marshes, prairies, and even in cities, which is where most are found. Raccoons eat crayfish, frogs, and other aquatic creatures. They use their fast paws to grab these creatures out of the water. They can be vicious when approached by humans because they are startled. Baby raccoons are called kits or cubs and are usually born in the early summer. Also Raccoons are known to carry rabies. During the winter Raccoons mostly sleep, but in spring and in summer they eat a lot.


Why do Raccoons have a mask on their face? One theory is it reduces glare and enhances the nocturnal raccoon’s vision when it’s dark outside. Another theory is that Raccoons have masks on them to recognize each other when they meet. These masks are also what make raccoons so naturally cute. 


In conclusion you should see raccoons as more beneficial than as a pest. Raccoons are saving you and the environment so  there is no reason to hate them. So next time you see a raccoon, instead of thinking of them as pests, you should just consider them as a wildlife creature.