Foster City


Foster City is a beautiful city located in San Mateo County, California. As of 2010, Foster City has a great population of 30,567 people.The population in Foster City as of 2020 is 45,000 people. In Foster City, there is a lot of construction and new apartments being built every single day, attracting more people to come to Foster City. This city has a Lions club and a Foster City Recreation Center, or Rec Center, to put on events, like fairs, crab feeds, City Fest, and other fun activities for adults and kids like music in the park. Music in the Park is a band that performs close to the spring every Friday weekly, for free and food and drinks along with dancing. Foster City also has a lagoon to go on a boat ride with family and friends exploring the amazing city as it is. Foster City is a great and safe community to live with your family, but everything comes with a price. 

Foster City is super expensive to live in, because the city is right by the bay, and the crime rate is 86 percent lower than California’s average as of 2015. Foster City is a very safe and fun place to live in for families and kids. The zip code for Foster City is 94404. The weather is  great. You can go rent a boat, or kayak and explore the beautiful views of Foster City. Foster City has sunny skies, and beautiful clouds and sunsets to look up to. Foster City is sometimes considered to be part of Silicon Valley for its local industry and its proximity to Silicon Valley cities. Fun fact, Foster City is considered the 98th safest city in the country. Foster City is in the Bay Area along with nine other counties including Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Solano, and Sonoma. By  Bowditch Middle School, there is a levi trail to walk along or ride your bike on, which allows your dog. There are also little bike jumps (shells) that you can ride your bike on and do cool tricks inside the park. You can also get a great lagoon in Foster City especially at night to see the sunlight. There are also many parks and bridges to go hangout by with your family and friends and watch the beautifulness of Foster City. In Foster City, there are many ways of transportation to get around the city, including shuttles, biking, Cal train, buses and more. 

And what about sports you think. Well there is a park for that too. Sea Cloud park has many fields including baseball and softball, soccer, and you can play football and any other sports on the fields. Foster City also has a skatepark along with the “Vibe” which is an afterschool program for kids to hangout, across the parking lot from the Rec Center. As you can see, Foster City is a great, safe, fun and much more community and place to live filled with events and activities throughout the year, great restaurants, and great stores! Foster City is generally a great place to love in or just visit for the weekend. IN my opinion I love Foster City and even tho its pretty expensive its worth it.