Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk!

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk!

Neil Sandal and Rafik

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk


Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is an amusement park which is open year long and has a variety of games and rides all along a 1 mile long open beach. The park is only open on the weekends and opens at 11 on both days but then closes at 7 on saturday but 6 on sunday. Its located at 400 Beach St, Santa Cruz, CA 95060 and their phone number is (831) 423-5590 if you have any questions.


Some of the rides they have at Santa Cruz are the Giant Dipper, the Cliff Hanger, the Crazy Surf, the Cyclone, the Double Shot, the Fireball, the Rock-o-plane, the ShockWave, and the Typhoon. While all of these rides may seem fun they all have height requirements just to ensure the riders safety with the average height requirement being about 48 inches or 4ft. But these rides are not free. The rides all cost money and vary depending on what you want to buy, whether it’s a season pass or just a day pass. 

The season pass which grants you unlimited access to all rides this year is $81.95 + tax while the daily tickets vary ranging from as cheap as $39.95 + tax up to $100 + tax.


If you want to have some fun with your family and want to get out of the house, Santa Cruz might be a great choice for you as you can purchase a season pass and have fun everyday so go have fun! Stop reading this, and go out to the beach boardwalk.