The Australian Bushfires

Temperatures in Australia is rising- and so is Tension.


Guy R.

Australia is one of the largest countries in our world, but also a large domain for all animals in the climate to thrive. But a problem occurred when issues started to form around the large amount of terrain, with lightning and people committing arson, setting fire to the habitat as well–with an abundance of fuel inside the country to keep them going. And when these events occurred, the “dry season” every year in Australia was ongoing, a part of time where the country develops extremely hot & dry weather during the summertime. And with extreme haste, the wildfires spread like, well, wildfire–causing extreme damage to the environments, with the critters dwelling inside.

Once only an outcasted nation to send British Prisoners, the first colonists who even survived the extreme environment noted one major thing: the excess of wildlife. Australia’s critters, and people, have developed a strong stakeholder in their stereotypes from the signature Kangaroo, to the overpopulation of Emu attacks causing the Great Emu War (search it up). But the wildfires don’t care what they touch, resulting in over 113 species native to Australia facing extinction, and more following suit if the fires aren’t stopped.

This isn’t the only problem, however, as smoke from the huge excess of burnt habitats is blowing over the land, causing major air pollution and health hazards to animals & people not even near the fires. How do we help the people combat this threat?

With more land burnt then the entirety of the Amazon and California combined, the Commonwealth of Australia has been overclocking to halt the spread of fires, with a plea for more equipment to disperse the flames. But in luck, technology such as large-scale drones have been used to empty down water on the burning habitats, reducing the already 27 casualty count of the brave men due to these bushfires.

But there’s a way you can support the families of Australia, as with over 2,000 homes burned in the catastrophes, people need support. To chip in, simply find a non-profit charity to tip a few dollars or less to do your part and support the people of Australia combat the fires. And on even better news, with rain becoming apparent again, some scientists predict that the spread of these fires will be drastically halted, and possibly extinguished. So with all that in mind, your decision is your own, but the people of Australia and even other places suffering from the same problem will be grateful for all your support!