Shuga Shiraki and Ming Doong

There are many types of seafood in this world that you can taste. Each has its own type of flavor, texture, and the many ways they can be cooked. Most commonly eaten in China (750 million metric tonnes), Japan (620 million metric tonnes), and United States (380 million metric tonnes), seafood can be enjoyed throughout the world

Seafood includes:

  • Fish: such as salmon and tuna
  • Shellfish: including shrimps, lobsters, oysters, and crabs

The many more varieties of seafood makes the experience a roller coaster to try all of them. 


The category of fish is very broad. Some of the more well known fish are tuna, salmon, cod, and puffer fish. There are many ways to eat each one of them. 

Tuna is not grilled most of the time and is eaten raw. Tuna is mostly eaten raw in the form of sushi or sashimi, but you can also cook tuna steak. Flavoring it with soy sauce or garlic adds extra flavor making it even better.

Another great fish you can eat is salmon. Salmon is good both when it is smoked and when it is eaten raw. Smoked salmon can be served on bread or cheese and can be flavored with soy sauce, cream, and garlic. Raw salmon is mostly eaten as sushi and sashimi like tuna. Raw salmon serves as a tender and flaky-textured meat good with soy sauce.

Cod fish is also a popular choice for people to enjoy. Cod fish is a mild fish which takes the flavor of whatever it is served with. One example of a recipe you can eat is lemon baked cod. The cod is baked with lemon flavor making it a little sour. Adding garlic and soy sauce to it will increase the amount of flavor.

Puffer fish is a rare choice because of the cost of each one of them, which is very expensive, and the fact that they are poisonous. The poison (Tetrodotoxin) is extracted from the fish by a pro, so there is not likely that you will get poisoned by it. It is mostly eaten in Japan in the form of sushi.



A shellfish is defined by google as “an aquatic shelled mollusk (e.g. an oyster or cockle) or crustacean (e.g. a crab or shrimp), especially one that is edible.” The category of shellfish includes crustaceans (such as shrimp and lobster), oysters, clams. 

There are many different ways to have tasty shrimp. You can grill, boil, and stir fry it. Each has its own way to flavor the shrimp. With grilled shrimp, the best way is to have some sauces to dip the shrimp in. After boiling, the best way to eat is to add the shrimp into other dishes. For stir frying, garlic shrimp is very good. You can also stir fry the shrimp with some veggies, a healthier option.

Lobster can be cooked to accompany many dishes. You can make lobster garlic noodles, lobster mac and cheese, and lobster bisque, or you can just enjoy the lobster itself. Grilled lobster can be accompanied with melted butter and garlic. All these different ways are just different ways to experience the sweetness of the lobster.

Clam is another type of shellfish. It can be steamed and flavored with anything from simple pepper to a garlic butter dip. Clam has a creamy texture to it and is a great pair with many things. A pretty common dish with clam is clam chowder, a chowder that can also be seasoned however you want.

Oysters can be served raw, baked, steamed, fried, charbroiled, and grilled. Another way to cook it is to stir fry it with other ingredients to bring out the ocean aroma. Raw, oysters are served with marinara sauce, and a lemon, with some salt sprinkled on top to finish off this delicacy. When charbroiled, the oyster has a nice crispy outside and tender on the inside. 

Seafood has a variety of different flavors and ways to be cooked. Each different food has many ways to be cooked, all being very tasty. The category of fish and shellfish are very different from each other with each having their own tasty texture. The broad categories are much to enjoy. What the article showed was just an intro of what seafood is. Some of the exotic fishes are whales and shark fins. Shellfish has many types of different species from shrimp, lobsters, and oysters. If you haven’t tried, we recommend you try it.