NO on the math placement test

NO on the math placement test

Elexis Yang, Journalist

No On The Math Placement Test

For many years, the math placement test taken in 8th grade has been very important for determining freshman students’ academic performance in the third stage of their life: High School. In 2020, all students going to schools in the San Mateo Union High School District will undergo a different process of placement for math.

This new process will include School Counselors regarding past seventh grade CAASPP scores and the current math grade of the eighth graders. Upcoming Middle School graduates will be taken aside to discuss one on one with their counselor. Students going to Aragon or Burlingame High School who wish to start freshman year taking Geometry, Algebra II, and Pre- Calculus will need to meet the following requirement:

  • 7th Grade minimum CAASPP score of 2653+
  • A minimum of Algebra I
  • Minimum MI score of 1330

The placement test only allows for one test to be taken and does not allow for retakes; causing more pressure for students who want to improve. The new placement process is proven to be more accurate and will allow for students to talk to a trusted adult and figure out what they want to do in their life. If placed in the wrong math class that is too low for their intelligence, a student with potential can be prevented from being able to improve. Similarly, students in advanced classes who are being put under too much pressure may want to go down a class to lessen stress. 

I believe that everyone should be able to decide for themselves what they want to do with their life. A placement test should not limit the boundaries of a student’s chance of success. Though the placement test challenges students to work hard, some may not want to be put in a class that is too fast or too slow for them.