Rich Shepherd

The AMA Supercross Championship is an American motorcycle racing series. This was founded by the American Motorcyclist Association in 1974. The supercross races go on from January through early may. Supercross travels all around the world every single weekend to compete in motorcycle tournaments against professionals to win money and other great prizes. There are two different types of supercross vehicles motorcycles and monster trucks. For the motorcycles there are 450s and 250s. The 450 goes a little bit faster than the 250s, but they are both great and filled with excitement. The 450s can go up to 100mph. And that’s fast.


 The owners of Supercross transform great baseball fields into motorcycle dirt bike jumps and bumps. The competitors jump through dirt and go up to 30 feet into the air. Now this is entertainment. They have gigs to perform in Oakland where the A’s stadium is and other ones like PetCo Park in San Diego. The park in Oakland is a little older which makes the stadium a little dirtier. The PetCo Park is newer which makes it nicer and way more fun.You can find information on how to sign up and get better at these tricks and things that you see in the arena. As a supercross racer, he or she would make about $36 to $27 thousand in a single race. Second place runner up gets $12 thousand while the third place gets $8 thousand.The first supercross race was around 1948 in Buffalo. Ever since then supercross has been around for about 72 years. 


Supercross is also on live national tv. Streamed on channel NBC. You can also watch all the highlights and stream live on youtube so you don’t miss out on the interesting action! Supercross is a variety of motocross which involves off-road motorcycles on a constructed dirt track consisting of steep jumps, obstacles. These races are usually held inside of a sports arena. Like baseball or football fields. People compete for the prizes and also the records for best lap time, highest jump, sharpest turns, first second and third place, and so much more. There are actually three different motorcycles. 450XS being the fastest, 250XS, the second fastest, and the KTM Junior which is third fastest. The person who has the most wins holds the record in supercross riding the 450 and 250s, Ricky Carmichael. In the first 10 races, there are 50 people in the race. As the races go on, the number of racers gets lower and lower to the last 10 racers. THose last 10 battle it out to the last second to take the money and the prize. You h

ave to be extremely skilled and focused to be a supercross competitor but you can do it if you work hard and never give up. The motorcycles used in these races are not for the road. A supercross motorcycle has an insane amount of horsepower of 70, and weighs about 220 pounds. Racers use large trucks to transfer their bikes or even on planes if needed to. They have races all the way in Florida and Arizona. So go and check out a race, tickets start at $25 to $90. Go enjoy a cool, loud, exciting, and entertaining race while having some popcorn, churros, and some drinks for a night of fun at Supercross.