Why People are the Worst Creatures


Neil Sandal, Author

The humans that live in this world that took the throne from all Carnivores have been the cause of many problems which have slowly been destroying this Earth. We have caused Climate Change, Global Warming, Plagues, undrinkable water, Wildfires, pollution, and the list goes on but this isn’t to say people only cause problems but the question is do the good deeds outweigh all the horrible things we’ve done?


Humans by our nature are selfish, cruel, and unforgiving creatures and this is because to survive in the world we’ve created these. We made them the traits needed and if you are just an innocent soul, this world will devour you with no escape. We kill our allies, we trick our friends, and we even are willing to sell them out to others just for our own benefits, so why don’t we learn from our mistakes and try to change? We don’t because we can’t. Our society has been molded into this and one persons efforts wont be enough to change this whole planet. Look at Global Warming or Climate Change, there are people that say that this is a real problem because we are slowly destroying our earth but that has made no change to oil factories or other companies that use large amounts of fossil fuels. These people that own these companies wont stop because they would face loss of money and as mentioned one of the main traits of humans is greed, so their greed overpowers any chance of them wanting to help the planet.


Another example is deforestation, we are destroying the things helping us survive on this planet. While yes not all of deforestation is caused by us, some of which is caused by wildfires(which humans have still started before) it still doesn’t mean we’re not one of the main causes. We are also slowly driving certain creatures into extinction with our choices because we are destroying their habitats with our greed and selfishness. Our cruelty isn’t only limited to our friends and the environment. We are willing to put people through sufferingl just if it means we get that miniscule feeling of satisfaction which in the long term wont last long which will cause us to repeat the same cruel acts over and over until the targets end up not being there anymore.


Ok, lets talk about some of the good things humans have done for this planet. While we do drive creatures into extinction with our choices that isn’t always the case, there is a program to protect these creatures but it doesn’t always work but at least they had good intentions to start with. Even the wildfires that have been started by nature, we have done our best to stop even if it meant risking our own lives and we are still currently trying to help with Australian wildfires. Some humans in general are also nice, we have charities so the good people in the world can help out those who are not as fortunate. In fact, we also have people like Mr.Beast who do large giveaways in videos and he doesn’t keep much of the money because most of the money he makes from these videos go back in to the channel to help do more giveaways.


So yes humans have caused certain problems which we can’t fix anymore, but not all is permanent because we still have time to change. But the question is, will we? And only time can answer that question.