Bionic Parts


Neil Sandal and Rafik Assad

Bionic parts are similar to human parts except the main difference is that they are completely artificial, man-made, and can be upgraded later on in life unlike normal human body parts. The current body parts you can get replaced with its bionic version are an Exoskeleton, Artificial Heart, Lifelike Prosthetics, Arms that can be controlled with your phone, an Ankle Foot, a robotic leg that is controlled with thoughts, a modular arm, hand that can feel, and a replacement eye. All these parts could help many people with their disabilities such as blindness, paralyzed, or even if you’re close to death.


These bionic parts were first invented by a team of 5 bio-engineers at the Margaret Rose Hospital in Edinburgh, UK. They were made for a man named Robert who was given the world’s first bionic arm. The bionic part works by sending signals to a system that isn’t in the body and then this system will send signals back to a part in the arm that will vibrate the muscle. Then after these vibrations make an illusion of movement that will let the brain know if the hand is opening or closing.


With the advancements that are being made in the bionic industry it might be possible to replace every body part of your with an artificial one that could have special features that your normal body wouldn’t have. Though full artificial bodies are not going to be coming any time soon because of all the problems that could come up so maybe in a 100 years we could see full bionic people, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be better than being a normal human. This is because currently we use a computer to send signals to the body part so if something happens to that computer that could result in your whole body going out of commision leading to an infinite number of problems.


Being a bionic human would be pretty cool but it still can’t beat normal body parts but for the people who have lost their parts bionics might be the best choice for you instead of spending your life in a wheelchair or bed.