Iboss Cybersecurity

Iboss Cybersecurity

Abhijith Aravind and Patrick Ding

There is a site that blocks you from playing the games that you like. It is the site that annoys so many people. This firewall is called iboss cybersecurity, and is used in bowditch and many other schools.

For those who don’t know what iboss is, here is a quick introduction. According to the site itself, it offers internet security for any device, for any cloud so that security is applied for users. It blocks inappropriate sites, so that students can’t access them. It is a firewall that blocks sites, except that it can track down sites by itself. 


So now you know what iboss is, let us find out how to bypass iboss. The first way is to use proxy sites. Proxy sites are sites like the original site, but the url is different. For example, a proxy site for surviv.io is thecircleisclosing.com. To find out about proxy sites, you will have to search them up. Proxy sites are created regularly. 


How does iboss appear? It appears when you go to a banned site, a screen appears prompting a password. Only the administration knows what the password is. 


Another way to bypass iboss is to use an extension. An extension is an app on the chrome web store. So if you want to play a banned game, just use an extension. But if extensions and proxy sites don’t work, then you can use a VPN.  


VPN means Virtual Private Network. You can find a VPN by downloading an extension. Then, you can use the VPN to get into the site. 


In conclusion, this is all about iboss. We hope you learned something new. Hope you can learn to bypass iboss. If not, you have to search for some other way.