Mobile Games


Jeremiah Pascual, Journalist

Mobile Games


Mobile games are games you can get on your phone, Ipad, and tablet. The reason why these games are so special because you can’t get them on your computer or any other devices, only on mobile devices. Some popular mobile games are Asphalt 9, Need For Speed No Limits, Call Of Duty Mobile, and Brawl Stars. Most of these games   are action packed games with close combat fighting. The first ever mobile game was tetris. Which came on a mobile phone called the Hagenuk MT-2000. Tetris is a game of strategy and you have to think before you make a move. Another really big mobile game in 2009 was Angry Birds. Angry birds had over 300 million players, some people would probably say it’s addicting.


Popular Mobile Games:

One popular mobile game was Flappy Bird. It was so popular they had to shut down the game because too many players raged on the game. In the game Flappy Bird there was a secret when you hit the score of 999. Mario would pop up and you would have to dodge all of his fireballs to hit the score of 1000 which was never done before. Another really popular mobile game in 2012 was The Room. It was a game where you would have to explore the room you were in and try to find clues to get out of the room. It was a really intense game because along the way they would give you hints. When you get all the clues to open the box they will get you out of the room and collect the treasure in the box. 


In conclusion, all mobile games could get popular. It depends on how good the game is. One of my favorite mobile games when I was a kid was Angry birds. I liked Angry Birds because there are so many levels and it is action packed. All mobile games have different genres. Some are action and some make you think. In conclusion mobile games are unique and are different from every other game.