The Foundation


Tony Kim, Journalist

An Introduction

In the bleak white walls of a testing chamber, your boring orange jumpsuit now gleams more than ever. You don’t remember why you are here, you don’t know who and what the Foundation wants from you, but you have been selected to be one of many Class-D test subjects, tested on who knows what awful things. One of the guards, wearing a white body-suit and a tactical vest, looked towards you, his helmet’s yellow visor hiding his face, “Just get in there and follow all the instructions, and uh… you’ll probably be fine. Or maybe you won’t be. Either way, I don’t really care.” Heavy metal gates would slide open, revealing a statue of some sorts hugging the wall, you don’t know what will happen once you enter, but with guns trained on your every move, you don’t really have a choice in the matter.

-The opening sequence to the game SCP Containment Breach.


The Wiki

As a quick disclaimer, everything related to The Foundation is Fictional, what this article will explain for the reader is the universe that these people created in the wiki with their thousands of articles explaining story events, anomalous creatures, and objects.


The Foundation

The Foundation was entrusted by many of the world’s major governments to secure any anomalous objects and sentient beings that pose any threat to the world, and to contain them, away from the public view. Their full name, SCP Foundation stands for their motto, Secure, Contain, Protect, and Special Containment Procedures, which is a name used to classify the various anomalies that they capture alongside with a three-digit number, examples like SCP-682, and SCP-999. They have many classifications for these SCPs ranking their danger levels, but the three notable ones are Safe, which is self-explanatory, Keter, which exhibits extreme amounts of danger, and Euclid, being in the middle of Safe and Keter.

Notable SCPs

SCP-096 [Euclid]

Commonly known as the Shy Guy, one glance at its face in any context and 096 will begin running at jet-speeds towards the person who viewed it. No matter what happens, 096 always reaches its target, and once it does, it will consume them until they are just a puddle of blood. The only exception to this is drawings, as they do not trigger 096. 096’s arms are one meter long, humanoid in appearance but oddly deformed, want a photograph of 096? Good luck with that.

SCP-173 [Euclid]

SCP-173 is quite literally, the polar opposite of 096. 173 is a statue made of rebar, a type of reinforced steel, that remains stationary under a person’s vision. When 173 is not being watched, however, it can travel at speeds around 90 KPH, quite fast. 173 is hostile, under the human eye it is harmless, but blink or turn around and 173 will snap it’s prey’s neck, and if it’s aggravated, strangle them to a painful death.


SCP-999 [Safe]

Unlike its horrifying peers, SCP-999 is a friendly blob of slime, who just wants to cuddle people. Being in contact with SCP-999 gives Euphoria, a feeling of hyper excitement. The creature has an interest in those who are hurt in any way, most cases of people diagnosed with PTSD and depression have reported much better outlooks on life after interacting with SCP-999. 




The SCP Universe is terrifying. Name an SCP, and the Foundation probably has it. But the Foundation lives in the dark, so everybody else may live in the light, ignorant of these creatures and things that defy every one of their beliefs.


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