Henrique Zuccareli, Writer

Turtles are reptiles from  the order of Testudines. They have a special bone on top and another under the top which is called carapace. The shell under them is called plastrom.


Also, their shell is made out of smashed bone, while the carapace is the fusion over 50 bones smashed into one.These creatures are fast swimmers and they can run out of water,go pretty fast—  reaching up to from 1.1 to 6.3 mph.



        How long have they been around for?

Turtle have been here on earth way longer then you think. They are here for over 220 million years ago and the fossils that have been found look almost the same from the turtles that are alive right and you are probably wondering when do they die? Sea turtles can live up to 100 to 150 years that is two times more than humans!!.


       5  Interesting facts about turtles!

  1. Did you know that you could manipulate the gender of a baby turtle egg?
  2. The turtle egg incubates below of the temperature of 81.86 fahrenheit but otherwise if they incubate above the temperature of 81.86 fahrenheit it will be a female.
  3. Did you know that you can find out the turtle gender by the noise that they make? For that, if you want to manually make the turtle create the sound you have to slowly press the turtle’s belly.
  4. It is rare but sea turtles could drown and die.
  5. Turtles have populated all over the world except for one continent— Antarctica. For turtles antarctica is too cold..
  6. Since turtles can drink salt and ocean water, when they cry, it is not because they are sad, but because the turtles’ body is filtering the salt and the dirt water out of the body.


What do turtles do for fun?

Have you ever asked yourself- “do animals or reptiles do something for fun like humans?”

Turtles, like all living things, love food. Although they enjoy chasing their food or snack before they eat it. If you have a turtle, this is the perfect way to play with them.  Get a stick, put food on it and have them chase it. This also exercises the turtle which is good. In fact, they also like to stay on warm rocks or closed spaces to relax.

Are turtles going to extinct?

Unfortunately, yes, in a year or two from now. Turtles are starting to eat plastic because now there is plastic everywhere. For example, places such as  restaurants, houses, schools produce a lot of plastic and a lot of the plastic ends up in the ocean.

Turtles live long, swim fast, have fun, and now, they are dying because of humans who are throwing plastic and non recyclable trash on the ground and in the ocean. A lot of people go to the beach with snacks and chips, and they  are leaving it on the beaches, leading to the ocean, harming the turtles.  Lets help the turtles by picking up plastic and trash on the beach or on the ground where ever you go.