Popular Games to play in class


Abhijith Aravind, Journalist

What are the types of games people play when they are bored? People play games on chrome extensions, or they play on Chrome. Here is a list of popular games kids play in class. 


First, let’s talk about chrome extension games. You go to the chrome web store, search up games, and download them. They will appear on the top of the browser, and you can click them to play.  Some games include Boxel Rebound, 2048, and Mario, which are games that include puzzles. Some games cost money, while others don’t.


Next, there are games that you can play on websites. The most popular website games are .io games, which is a ccTLD site. They include surviv.io, paper.io, slither.io, krunker.io, and many more. Some .io games, like surviv.io, are blocked by iboss cybersecurity because they are violent. Others are fine to play. 


If you really want to play unblocked game during class, you will have to use a proxy site. Proxy sites are like regular sites, but you can play in class. You can also play unblocked extension games. 


Lastly, you can download apps from the chrome web store. On a Chromebook, go to the chrome web store. Then, click apps. Then, you can download the app you like. There is also iboss on some apps, so you cannot play those games. Some popular apps are Geometry Dash by Controller King, Funky Karts by Controller King, and others.   


In conclusion, these are the types of games that you can play at school. You can play games on Google, or on extensions. You can also play unblocked games on websites. You can play on apps also. Just don’t get caught while playing.