Jeremiah Pascual, Journalist

What is Fortnite?

Fortnite is a multiplayer game, where there are 100 players in your game and you have to be the last one standing. If you are the last one standing, you get a Victory Royale. Getting a victory royale is difficult since you have to outlast 100 players. It takes strategy to win. For example, you have to learn how to build one by one, which is a box to protect yourself, and you have to learn how to build 90’s to take highground on your opponents. The game was released in July 21, 2017 and it just got popular from there. People still play Fortnite till today. In 2019 Fortnite released a big tournament called The Fortnite World Cup. It gave everyone an opportunity to win 3 million dollars. There was 10 weeks to qualify for the tournament, and only 100 people were allowed to qualify for this tournament. They gave over 30 million dollars throughout the whole tournament. In Fortnite they added some weapons that were overpowered so they had to vault it. Vaulting a weapon means they had to permanently take it out of the game. Some weapons that are vaulted are, the drum gun, tactical submachine gun, and the light machine gun.


Fortnite started a competitive series and it evolved the Fortnite community.

Everyone started taking the game more seriously and that’s how the Fortnite Community became where they are today. Fortnite gave out more than 100 million dollars in total throughout all the tournaments they hosted. Most people who play Fortnite, play competitively so they can win some money. If you win some money you technically have bragging rights, so you can tell your family and friends that you won money off of a video game.


In conclusion Fortnite is a fun game overall if you are into shooting games. It is also a very competitive game. Since it’s so competitive that means more tournaments, and if there are more tournaments that means more opportunities to win money. So if you are looking for a fun/competitive shooter game I would recommend you playing fortnite.