Ideas For Your Next Birthday Party

Claire Liberman, Journalist

Ideas for your next birthday party… 


Planning a birthday party is hard. It’s like when the time comes your mind blanks out and you forget all ideas you’ve had throughout the year. Here’s some help with that… 


  1. Photoshoot party


Hire a professional photographer, wear your best outfit, put on some souvenirs and there you go, a fun birthday party that you’ll remember forever!




  1. Pool party 


This one’s fun… Wear your best swimsuit, and have fun participating in activities with your friends. Just socialize and enjoy! It’s refreshing, entertaining, and you get to have as many people as you want! Appreciate the summer while laughing with your friends and wear a cute bathing suit! 

  1. Glow in the dark dance party

Be creative. You could make everyone wear a mask so that people don’t recognize each other and are able to socialize more. Along with that, give out glow in the dark stuff to make it even more fun than it already is. And to add even more to it make the party in a skating rink. I had a party like that and it was beyond enjoyable, I met new people, I did my favorite thing, skating and I got the best party. 


  1. Amusement park birthday party 


Go to your local amusement park and have fun with your friends! Challenge yourselves by going on rides you’re scared of. Some amusement parks near here include Great America, Six Flags, Aqua Adventure, and if you want to take a good road trip there’s Disneyland, California Adventure, and Universal Studios. Go on unlimited rides with your best friends, one day with no boundaries. Overall, you just get to enjoy yourself! 

  1. Laser Tag 


Laser Tag might sound childish to you, but going with a bunch of friends might make it much more enjoyable! You don’t know who is who, so there’s no bias between friends and best friends. You get hours of fun and laughter. Experience a decent birthday party by planning it in Laser Tag. 


  1. Sleepover Slumber Party 

How about going with a classic slumber party with your closest friends? Get to have fun in a sleepover that you will remember forever. Laugh, tell secrets, talk, and just simply have the time of your life. Remember to stay up as late as you can! 


  1. Regular party at your house 

Invite your whole class or even grade and have a massive party. Get to know more people and become a more sociable person. Make one of those typical parties you see in the movies, where everyone is having a blast! 


  1. Karaoke birthday party 

Are you a good singer? Or even if you’re not…do you enjoy doing it? Are you an extrovert person? Try out this party and see how bad your friends are at singing! 


  1. Yacht Party 


What’s better than having a party with all your closest friends and family, an amazing view, the feeling of fresh air, and wind in your hair?

  1. Spa Party 


There might be good things that happened since your last birthday, however, there’s also those things that stress you over… A spa party is a perfect way to relive all that stress and give your friends that chance as well. Why come home tired when a spa party can be life-changing! Maybe not life changing, but relaxing can give you a new perspective on how to view life. 

  1. Beach Party


 Listen to the sound of waves while running towards the ocean with your best friends. Give yourself that breeze from the wind near the sea. Swim for hours or hours, splashing each other. Just simply have fun and enjoy. If available, treat yourself with more fun activities like banana boats, which are super fun to ride or simply rent a boat and go to an island nearby, maybe some snorkeling if it’s worth it. Of course, all these things depend on where you’re at