Call of Duty: Modern Warfare


Konstantinos Paparrizos, Author

    Call of Duty games have been some of the most popular and influential games to ever be released. From WW2 to robot battles in space, the games have taken on multiple forms, but always sticking to a run and gun shooter with kill-streaks and weapon customization. This year, the game has returned to one of its most popular story lines, Modern Warfare. Modern Warfare games have been known to be some of the best Call of Duty games released, especially in cases like Modern Warfare 2, which will always have a place in some gamers’ hearts. So how does the new Call of Duty Modern Warfare fare against these other hit games?


    First off, let’s talk about the campaign. The new Modern Warfare’s Campaign is an overall groundbreaking, immersive, and amazing experience. The game features some of the most beautiful graphics released in any video game to date. The cut scenes are so realistic that, at first glance, they could be mistaken for real life. The campaign also paints the horror and violence of Modern Warfare extremely well. You must constantly be on your guard, prepared to shoot someone at every corner you turn. The game also includes many controversial scenes and missions, which may seem disturbing to include, but truly add to the realism. Overall, the Campaign is one of the best that we’ve seen in years.


    Next, let’s discuss the Multiplayer. The Multiplayer so far has been a mix of good and bad mechanics. First off, the gun-play is excellent. The weapons work smoothly and have a quick time to kill, meaning running away is usually not an option. There a few weapons, however, that take away from the entertaining and amazing experience this game is. The two main weapons that do this are the claymore and 725. Connecting to this, the maps are too massive, resulting in many people camping in one building. The 725 and claymore are extremely beneficial in this type of play-style. The claymore is an extremely strong gadget, which instantly explodes and kills anyone who wanders near it. This can be used to completely block off entrances to rooms that people camp in. The 725, on the other hand, is a shotgun. The problem with this gun is that it can instantly kill people at close and long ranges, both aiming down sights and hip-fire. An additional problem with the multiplayer is spawning. On some of the only acceptable maps, like Shoot House, which are usually very small, all areas on the map are usually very tightly packed with people. This can result in someone spawning right next to an enemy or explosive, and being killed instantly. If Infinity Ward, the company that released Modern Warfare, could simply make the maps smaller, and less camper friendly, while also balancing out the overpowered weapons, then the Multiplayer experience would improve greatly.


    Another issue that has been affecting the experience in Modern Warfare has been the multiple technical errors that have been occurring. Many players, especially on PC, have been experiencing Developer errors in the game. These errors cause the game to instantly crash, and so far the only fix is to turn down your graphics. The game-play also suffers from the lag and fps (frames per second) drops, as the requirements to run the game smoothly are very high. The game also suffers from high latency, meaning the servers lag for some people as well.


    The last topic to talk about is the future of the game. The game has been receiving lots of backlash, as the developers refuse to answer to the demands of the community. The game was designed to be new player friendly, which has had negative effects on the game-play, with more people camping. This design ruins parts of the game, and many people have been complaining to change it, but the developers refuse. Another example of this problem is the footsteps being too loud. The community has been complaining since day one that the footsteps are too loud, and you can be heard from far away when you’re trying to move around, but the developers refuse to fix this. This may result in many problems that the community desperately wants changed remaining the same, resulting in many players giving up on the game.


    Overall, Modern Warfare is an excellent game which, like many other games, still has a few problems. The fate of the game primarily rests on the developers, as they have been receiving backlash for ignoring the community and its requests. I would suggest waiting until the community and developers are on the same page, before buying, to ensure that the game will not die off soon.